Monday, December 17, 2007


long time no blog edi ~~ and nth to blog XD .... but just ermmm ..... upload some photos here which i took it on my last trip to KL ....and today im going to KL again =D ..... but ..... totally like losing my SOUL XD duno go there for what again ~~~ shopping ?=D and happy that few days b4 ~~ get to know 3 new friends which from kelantan XD .... Darren , Ray and Micky quite happy get to know them .... intro by Ashley =) thx .......anyway just upload the 2 photos which i took from last trip and i'll go on for my lunch =D bye =)

2007 Xmas decoration in 1 U =) the toy soldier =)

A night view taken from my friend's condo , reminded me alot of thing when i look at this beautiful night view =)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Make Life As Simple As You Could =)

Yea so fast Sept gonna finish again and my new coming semester is also starting on 2 of Oct , mooncake festival just pass by few hours ago =D ~ what im gonna mentioned here is ~~ i've got a work in an art studio " THE SEVEN " so far so good there =) but the boss a bit prob + stingy hahaha ~~ but average is ok =) sometimes might have some " SNAKE WAR " with my boss ~~ cause he is totally a very " SNAKE " feller ( read in cantonese ).
Now is 3.30am ~~ i had just finish my freelance work by drawing up the " BLEACH " cartoons for make it to Eraser in the future , remember the games of " ERASER " that we used to play in class in childhood ~~ yes definetely im doing those eraser haha =D still have 23 of it to draw ~~ i just finish up 3 of it hahaha ~~ so i hv to cheer up ... just now i've got quarrel with my mom and sadly ~~ i made her cried =( how bad i am ~~ i feel guilty after all ~~ so i think i have to appologize for her by tomorrow =s but its kind of very hard to open the mouth and said it hahaha i wondering why =s .... now i only realize a SORRY not easy to be speak XD...
These day parents are searching for laptop for me ~~ yet im looking for the handset too ~~ for last time i've lost my k800i ~~ so as i plan to aim on W710i ~~ but unfortunately ~~ my parents not allow me to afford another expansive phone, cause they scare i'll re-do the same mistake ~~ careless -.- so far i also know that im careless ~~ so this time gotta buy another phone which has MP3 + PHONE is enough =s so i choose W200i ~~ think its economic to get it first ~~ until the day i real can earn $$ myself only go and affort another 1 which i wish to get =s for now ~~ i've no choice ~~ cause my parents would't let me to buy the phone which is above RM 1000 =.= that's why ~~ i'll get that instead of W710i sport style phone T_T .... so i think its good if i use 200i ~~ cause really a CHEAP handset anyway =s so far it has just " 0.3 " mega pixel and " Bluetoothless " !! what the phone without a bluetooh ? hahah but actually ~~ that phone is good enough ~~ yet it is the only CHEAP phone which can support up to 2 GB M2 memory card ~~ so its a great deal for me ~~ this phone it just a simple for like MP3 + Phone and nth more like 3G ~ Capture photo ~~~ so after while i use this phone ~~ i might suit myself with that and dont think for what 3G , Photo Capture anymore ~~ yet just use first lor =( " POOR IS LIKE THAT " 1 la =s sigh........

Little Sharing
Make your lifeas simple as u can , so then it just happy for everyday, satisfy for it, appreciate for what u have =) think that " you're lucky enough " because some other ppls might not be as good as us like ppls in disaster on Flood and Starving, wheres we can still online and safety for everyday =s so we're the Luckier =D

Friday, August 31, 2007

My 19 Birthday.... and the 50 years of MERDEKA in Malaysia =s

Yea , its 5am from now ..... yet i just back from my celebration of MERDEKA and also my bday ..... so fast get into 19 now ..... i still remember my last year bday ... it was so happy .... and the most most happier bday i ever have for my last bday .......but this year .... it would be different .....first of all .... yea i did cele my bday with all my " BEST FRIENDS " and this time all of them are back to IPOH ..... i think they are celebrate with me ? .....hmm i also not sure bout it .

This year bday ....i'm disappointed ...... not bout the present or anything ...... but its bout our friends' relationship .....i found that ~~~ i am not in their gang anymore ? or let say for the other way ...... they all dont like me or maybe i looks " hated " for them ?..... why i said so ? ..... this year bday they cele with my in " Happy Valley " yea im damn happy .... not beacuse of they celebrate with me .....but im happy for this time ~~ all ours best friends can get together , all of them back from KL and stay in IPOH for longer .... so we all can have a big gathering and also take this chance to cele with me and merdeka too ..... but this is for what i think ...... maybe they aren't =s

So as the party begin .... we start our journey at 7 oclock ~~ which is after my class and also today my last day to pass up for all my work .... yet , there's a prob with my assignment ~~ which is i cant pass up all my assignment and unfortunately i left 7 marks in order to pass that sub ..... so it brought me some PREASSURE know ...... so maybe of this ~~~ im getting down for today and moody ..... at 10 something ~~ we reach HAPPY VALLEY and we parked our car far away from the happy valley , its beacause the area is jamming ~~~ we start order our food and all and chit-chat around .... yet i really never expect that ~~ they have bought me a CAKE ! and when the time reach 12am ! which is the MARDEKA and also my bday ~~~ so by that time ~~~ they ready the cake and take it out ~~ the moment i saw the cake ! it is very NICE ! and i love the words there " 生日快乐 " which is very unique and beautiful =) and all the waiter and waitress and also the boss there were happy on looking at me this BDAY & MERDEKA BOY XD afteri've made a wish for it ~ and i blow off the 19 candles.....and the " nightmare " is begin !!! which they commented me to take up the candle with my mouth !! all of them asked me to do it ~~ but i dont ! cause im sure they will press me down to the cake !! ~~ as i know that the cake is so nice ! and also it looks tasty know !! yet 1 of my friend ask me to took a picture with the cake ~~~ but ! on that moment ~~ they keep force me to picked up with my mouth ~~ i just dont wan to spoiled the cake ~~ try imagine the cake if ur face got stack on it ~~ would u like to eat it ? ..... so i just dont want to spoil it ! .... yet ~~~ 2 of my friends we're try to play the cake but i think they are innocent .....and because of that ~~~ accidently ~~ the CAKE FALL on the floor !! oppppppssss !!! yet 1 of my friend still picked the cake and throw on me @_@ after that ~~ the chairs and all were FULL OF " CREAMY CAKE PIECES "...... so for the moment .... all peoples were like " FROST " including all the staff there ~~i looked around ~~ some of them with the " BIG MOUTH " expression and also " BIG EYE " too ~~~ after that all the staff there from the big smile emotion 360' degree change to become FIERCE gazing on us =.= ~~~ so .... all of us appologize to the staff there and pai seh .... yet ~~ on that moment .....i'm full of CREAMY CAKE from head to toe ...and the fireworks are exploding outside ~~ but all of us were hlp to clean up the chair and all ... and i went to toilet to clean off all the creamy ...... how terrible for this time ..... the pict of bday canot be taken and even the cake cant even get to taste of it ..... and we ends up the party just like that after we pay =.= ...... yet we still planning to go McD but there are full of PEOPLES ~~ so we went to 1 of my friend's house to chit-chat around ..... until 4 something and i reach home and bath .... after that now only im writing my blog here ...... this is gonna be the " WORST & UNFORGETABLE BDAY " ever for this year =.= aihhh ...... compare with last year ....... i realy happy for my last year bday ~~ i still remember clearly as well ....but for this time .... really worst .... it will be the last bday for 2 of my friends to cele with me for this year ..... nxt year they will go other country to continue their study im kinda appreciate for it .... even its a worst bday party =s .....

For what had happen for today's party ~~ its not that simple ..... there is more details and i feel real disappointed with it ...... yet i also dont want to mention here ~~~ cause i wish that ..... after this .....i'll start over all my NEW LIFE ! and change and be upgradable for myself .... i wan to have a good attitude .... so ~~ for what the bad inccident happen to me ~~ i'll just forget bout it ..... and i may know that ~~~ forget the past and move forward ~~ its the better way to cure off the wound.... peoples may not put sympathy on u for how worst ure ,what i need to do is just move FORWARD and strike for the better tomorrow =)

Little Sharing
no matter what had happen to you ... time is still running , peoples are still going on , no peoples would stop and put sympathy on you ..... so alll you have to to is .... KEEP IT UP and move forward ~~ dont stuck on it maybe something good will come to you , just dont stop and keep forward =)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Finally Realize ........

Today ... actuall its been 2 weeks ..... i've skipped all the class as well ...... i am getting Down again =s ..... =) ..... but just now .... i listen to Nicholas Teo's song " 如果 " its really a very nice song ... and suit my mood ... yet ... i feel better now after i've cried for few drops of tears........ for what i struggler ....... now i realise the preassure .... and the prob of my own .... things really happen repeat and repeat only ....but i just could't solve out the problem .... for 3 years b4 ..... i got the same case with my own ... yet now ~~ it happen again ..... don u think ur life ... something happen to u repeat and repeat ? ...... but as what we're ...we will just SAD and Stuck on the problem .... get encouragement or advise to solve the prob .... but ... hv u ever know what the problem happen to u ? ...and the way to CURE it ? .....actually i found mine .... and it would be easy to be settle...... and not tough though..... just problem on ..... CAN U or DONT U DARE to do that or not .....i jsut found mine was ..... im over gaming .... so i just choose not to play the game and DELETE the game from my comp ~ so everything can be settle well =s ... as u heard that ? is it easy ? ......but ya .... its easy to be mention ... but hard to do it ... know ? ........ as my case is just a minor only .... some how .... i know there hv more other ppls which have more difficult thing to face on ....haihz ...... its hard to build up a good humanity..... isnt HUMAN BEING are hard to be ? .....sigh *** ....... but actually .... i know my own ... hving the same problem within 3 years just like a ROUND BACK with the prob ......same PROB !!! ...... haihz ... buti really hard to do my decission lor ........ but after talked to my friend today .... i've finally realize lotsa things .... " something if u give out the first step or make the decision straightly " u can really change the whole situation / case .......just like u choose to go on to another stage of ur life ....... but i know its hard ......not everyone can really straight away can decide and change the whole of his/her life ....some ppls will stuck there forever .. some take few years .... some maybe take 1 min also @@ never think properly and do it edi ...... so its depends the situation and also his/her own individual ..... grrrrrrr ... kinda headache today 1 of my best friend ... she has problem with her too ... on decide something hard + tough for her .......aihhh...... myself also hv prob too .... with study .... but i think i've decided for it edi i must do it ...... i dont wan to go on deeper .....sigh ..... ok le lets stop bout this ..... talked bout today ...... kinda specialy day for me also ... cause morning i skipped class and went to KAMPAR meet all of them ....since all of them in KAMPAR ... as i also brought 2 durians go kampar too ~~ since 1 of my friend love it so much ... so i bring up 2 durian to her ...but caus time prob we go kampar and back kampar is totally rush ... and night still have our mini gathering with C.M ..... so we're really lack of time ..... we rush like a dog man XD time to rest ........ but somehow ... ist a good gathering though =) after the gathering ~~ we met the other gang of frend which im not really familiar with them .... but 1 of them i know only XD so nth to chat .. just talk craps only lor ... after that ~~ things happen edi .. which my friend's la ... but i'll not mention here .....just hope that ...she can make her own + right decision lor =) as i wish her in here =) ..... aihh duno le .... thse day kinda blur !! with everything ... so ... sooner ..i hope i can get back well la =) .... ok ler ... now not early also ... time to sleep =P ....... nite ....

no sharing ..... caus sleepy edi XD ....... wait for the nxt post ba =P

Monday, June 25, 2007

3 Weeks are much better than 3 Years .....

What im going to mention above is .....3 weeks addicted in game rather than 3 years ~~~ last time ..... when i was in form 3 ~~ yeah ~~ THE FIRST ONLINE GAME ever .... "Ragnarok" which i spent totally 3 Years ~~ on the game ... and till now ~~ i know that ~~ it just a waste of time on speding 3 years Focusing on the game ~~ and negleted the study .... so ~~ it always remind me ..........3 years ~~ i gain alot from the game of Ragnarok ~~ yet i also lost alot from the games ..... as i choose to played game on that time ~~ so got bad result when i got in form 5 spm ..... yet ~~ come to this year ~~ now ...... a new game come to me again ... which is similar like RO does ~~ the best ever i hv seen =) ~~ which is Granado Espada =D ....i spent approximately 3 weeks on this game .... yet ~~ YEA ~~ it was pretty cool when i played it ~~ and i love this game so much .... somehow ~~ until today XD suddenly i feel like ~~ Boring with game ~~ while i got what i wan in the game ..... yet ~~ its not really as amazing as i thought this may really cause me feel fed up on the game XD ~~ for the first moment i got what i want in the game ... it was really COOL and i played for the whole day ~~ from day to night ~~ and just because of the several hours i've played ~~ and i got fed up for the game XD ~~ this may really want to thx god for awaken me up XD haha ..... cause suddenly ~~ when i feel fed up with the game ~~ and it remind me something which happen the case which is last time when the time i was in RO =) .... i found that ~~ it just the same with the case 3 years b4 ~~ but this 1 is consider good ~~ cause get awaken myself earlier =) ~~ yet ~~ this game is going to P2P " Pay To Play " ~~~ so it would be like last time what RO does ~~ maybe cost RM30+ for a month ~~ i think XD not sure ~~ but .... for now ~~ XD b4 i play until to the day i need to P2P ~~ i think its time bring out myself from the world XD if not ~~ i know i'll get in deeper like RO XD .... this game "GE " 3 weeks =) but RO 3 years XD ~~ so ~~ 3 weeks is better than 3 years haha ~~ this is what i meant =) so far ~~ i'm pretty sure this is a REAL NICE GAME i ever play =) ~~ good in everything ~~ its PERFECT ~~ yet ~~ its come out with ppls use " BOT " <> again XD ..... so which may really spoil the game .... haih ...... that's y ~~ it just like happen to me again like RO haha ~~ i duno y ~~ i just feel that ~~ Life is it keep Rolling back ? happen and happen again ?? XD ..... so as i know edi XD i think i gotta quit tis game soon kekek ..... b4 i really fall in deep on it XD ... anyhow atleast i got the teste of the game ~~ which is pretty nice =) ~~~ but i gonna give up on u XD eventhough i still " BLUR " with what i need to do in life or duno what should i do =s ..... im totally " BLUR " on my future path XD yet ~~ i've decided my way ..... but i met some block -_- ~~ so ~~ im taking a break ~~ and i'll continue my journey sooner =) ..... anyways ~~ =) thx for the shorthen time of 3 weeks to getting back my self XD ~~ so 3 Weeks is it better than 3 years ? XD .....

Yet i miss alot of things when i played the game ~~~ Miss on Doing my assignment !!! Going to Shopping , Watch Movie , Exercise , Meet Friends , Sing K and more .... but yet ~~ i still enjoy the proces XD cause i gain someting new again to me hehe =) eventhough just the shorten of 3 weeks =)

Little Sharing

不在乎天长地久 ~ 只在乎曾经拥有 =)
3 weeks on game that i like, its enough for me , as long as i enjoy the process =) " something that u hv try b4 its enough for u to memorise it along ~ as long as u tried and u get the feeling on it =) Same to those who are in 失恋 =) .... "

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unknown Mood =s ?

Its 12.30am now ..... yet ~~ hvt sleep ...... last week ~~ i've tried to blog up my recent mood .... but somehow that day there have error with blogger ~~~ so i cant blog anything here ....but ~~ what about my mood these day ~~~ is totally drop to the " bottom " again .... yet ~~ i get to know myself that ....whenever i am depress ... moody .... i'll be silent myself ....and not just for 1 day or few min ~~ but it will totally took me around 1 week to recover myself ..... ~~ yet ~~ what had happen to me thse day really damn preassure .......especially singing teacher ...........i just duno y .....whenever i've got a class on that day ~~ i'll feel like dont wan to go for the class ?...maybe ~~~she's giving me alot of preassure ? .... everytime i back from the class ~~ i really feel tired ! and also sad ! ........ singing ? .... that is my hobby ? .....i use to spend my time on singing as well ....but i just duno y ! when i've the first class till now ~~ i never feel to be enjoy ....and also sing well ......eventhough i've try my best .....but ~~ yet i seem like canot achive what she want ......and started to observe that ~~ she's disappointed with me ...... i dont have talent on singing maybe ? .......i really sad ..... know ~~ everytime i back from the class ~~ i'll feel like not going to sing anymore ? ......i feel tired ? .......i duno whether its my problem or what ? ....but i damn unhappy for evrytime i back from the class ! have decided to stop my class started on last week .....i rang her up ...and i said ~~ i wan to stop for temporary ......yet ~~ after i've told her that ~~ and i hang up the phone ~~ know i feel like putting off a heavy burden !! i feel better ...but in the other way .... i sad too .... cause i am hesitating whether i still wan to continue on to find another teacher or stop for temporary ? ........

Another thing .....i miss my phone alot K800i ......know ~~ now i've got back my phone from the shop .....yet ~~ most of them told me that ~~ canot be fix anymore i know ~~ its spoiled ! canot be repair anymore ........but ~~ these day ~~ i looked at my phone .....i really hope that ~~ it can still turn on and not off there all the time ..but i know this will not be happen .....unless ~~ there's a miracle for me ? =s ~~ but ~~ " pls DONT DREAM " -.- as i told myself ~~ when the time i got it this phone ....i really not appreciate at all .... yet i still complain this and that bout this phone ......but actually ...he is damn PREFECT for me ........all the function and everything ~~ it really have got everything with this phone its really 100% for me ........ yet ~~ the " CARELESS MASTER " not appreciate it now .....i lost him ......and now only i appreciate u damn bout this master ......失去才珍惜,后悔也来不及了.....

So these day ~~ think not very good in mood ..... yet ~~ today only get back my soul as well ..... if not ~~ i'll not on MSN and even online here ..........last week ~~ i've sick for whole week ..... yet ~~ for the whole week ~~ i really spend all my time in " GAME " only ~~ the new game im playing ~~ " Granado Espada " ..... yet ~~~ quite nice .....but ~~ mainly for me = another way to recover my sadness = PLAY ! PLAY ! PLAY and the end also PLAY ......and also WATCH TVB DRAMA !! .......... ~~ so it took me for a week to recover .....but good to know that ~~ whenver im sad ..... this the way i can go for it =)

Ok~~ 1am + edi .....actually ~~ i wan to do my homework XD ...but i didnt do also ...and yet ~~ i didnt attend my friend's bday party too .....yet ~~feel sorry to her XD as she ask me to go ~~ but i didnt =s .....cause ~~ i really have no mood to take myself into a crowd place ..... but ~~ no worry =) i'll take care myself ...... yet ~~ i need to stop everything for temporary ...... i need to re-focus on my homework ...cause ~~ last week absent for the whole week ~~ now i need to chase back everthing ..... so ~~ just hope that ~~ i can do that ? .....and ~~ hope that ! my 512 RAM will be arrive tomorrow !! i've been waiting for 5 days + !! that guy =.= duno whether he is forget or what -.- ....but as if i get 512 RAM edi =) so my PC can run smooth with the game im playing ~~ yet ~~ also can fast minimize to desktop ~~ so i could MSN + GAME and do my stuff ...... so ~~ hope that tomorrow ! i've receive that ! =)

Little Sharing

Appreciate everything that u have ~~ no matter it is good or bad .... just treassure/cherish =)

* Happy that this roll of my life can be in this family , kinda lucky .... yet sometimes i may not really get what i wan ....but ~~ i'll appreciate eveyrthing that u all have provided to me, im satisfy with it and love u my family ....especially my Granny ...she's the one who caring me always .... =) *

Thursday, May 17, 2007

* Bad Fortune *

Aihh ..... this month totally a motnh of " Bad Fortune "..... i been over use the money for this month ~~ yet ~~ the first week of this month already " KOSONG " in my body ......not only that ..... the careless of me ~~ made my phone have spoil still in fixing ~~ see whether it can be fixed or not =.=" aihh.... not only that .... my accessory lost in my box 1 by one !! which i have no idea where they gone too T__________T" really pity .............and also broke a lot of thing lately ~~ 1 of it my grandpa's favourite "VASE" ....when i went out with my car ~~ i didnt notice the vase was there ~~ so ~~ knock down the vase ~~ and the vase roll down to the drain ~~ then the voice " PRANGGG !!!! " broken -.- ......... is it totally bad day ? ......

Yet ~~ the holiday i spend on ~~ nth special ~~ thought want to go KL shopping ~~ yet the first week already " PK " still go KL for what -.- ~~ so i reject my friend and stay in IPOH ~~~ ....... yet ~~ in IPOH also kinda pity ....cause have no $$ while shopping in the shopping mall ...... so what i did was just " window shoping "that's all -.- know when u wan to buy something but u have no $$ to effort it ~~ u're kinda " HEART PAIN " !! know !?!?! ........ =( sad .... aihhh forget bout that ~~ yet i went to my friend's grandpa funeral few days ago ~~ which his grandpa had just passed away ..... went there with some of my friends ~~ kinda sad ..... bad news again ~~ darmm sad ....... and yesterday went out with my friends again ~~ to take our SPM true cert ..... when i reach my previous school ~~ i just ~~ dont like such place =.= i hate my previous secondary school so much hahah XD just dont like ~~~ maybe cause of i dont like to study there ...... but ~~ kinda miss the place there ..... everything seem nth change there ...everything still the same ~~ just some of the teachers were new and the face of every student change =) .... yet also not feeling well when i was inside the school XD i really enjoy my college life much =s ~~ thx god for letting me can join in coll to continue my study ....and dont needa spend my time on form 6 !! cause form 6 darm scary -.- , after taking the cert then spent full day with them " Sing K " + yum cha at night ler .....

Time really goes on fast .....Today already going to end my holiday edi XD ~~ fast ~~~ yet ~~ some of my friends needa back KL edi ~~ =s ~~~ yet today ~~~ noon time ~~ went out with 1 of my friend which i promise him sing K with him when he came back ~~ so sing k again hahax ..... and the importand is ~~ just me and him haha ... darmm funny ~~ cause ~~ never sing k with just 2 ppls b4 haha ..... but ~~ kinda special ~~ cause really can sing more =) yet wont be boring ~~~ maybe both of us can sing well ? haha ~~~ but compare with who i am b4 ..... i wont choose song by my own ..... all the song will choose by my friends everytime i sang with them~~ maybe b4 that ~~ too much ppls ~~ the authority to choose a song also quite hard ..... XD yet ~~ too much ppls will just wait more longer another to ur turn to sing =) if 2 ppls just nice XD !! really enjoy =) ~~~ so then whole day in E-box ler ~~~ i know the facility there always not that good ~~ but no choice ~~ cause IPOH XD ....sight ~~~ after sing K back home then watch TV bout the drama which i like it very much and its season 2 ~~ the " 情陷夜中环 " ..this drama really nice ~~ the first season dramm nice ~~ but season 2 ~~ now 8TV are showing up to epi 4 only ~~ but ~~ quite nice also .... i just like the story inside ~~ cause ~~ it really show a real personality on this century ~~ eveyrthing act inside which is just like reality in our daily life ...... so kinda like that .... after i watch that ~~ brought my dogs for a stroll + training my dog =) more and more likes to train up my dog =) yet ~~ something appear on my mine recently ~~ which i've got the intrest on open a " pets' shop " darm nice =) cause i real like animal as well ^^ ~~ if future i've money ~~ will open a pets' shop maybe =D and also learn how to beautify the pets as well learn to cut the hair of the dogs :D darm nice =) a great business also right ? haha ... think too far away =) yet i like to DREAM HAHAHA ..... dream too much =s ...... even ~~~ now where is my first dream ~~ i still duno yet ~~ but will know that i'll not give up for what i wish to ~~" 我心里的那团火是不会那么容易熄灭的 !!! " eventhough i got bad comment from teacher ....yet darm hurt know ?? i really care for what she said bout me .......but ~~ its a process of learning for me i care ...that's y i care ~~ i must do more better to show her that ~~ i can do it !! and ...i must keep on pushing up myself ~~ must be always remind to * cheer up * and not to be afraid to face the challenge !!!! ><" !! so coming soon ~~ will have more challenge coming to me ..... yet ~~ school starting soon ~~ and now ~~ i still planing that wheater i wan to take part time job / freelance or not ....cause i want to try ~~ work for my self .....within this month ~~ i really awaken by my friends ....ya they are true ~~ the money are from my family ~~~ i should't spend too much ..... so ~~ now onwards ~~ will learn to spend less and try to save up for everything =) ....... so ~~~ i must do that oo =)

Little Sharing

Learn to think positively ...... learn to save money ...... learn to face every challenge and learn not to give away the "chance" "机会" even it just only a little tiny chance ..... =)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Duno what to post up?

Aihhh , damm i feel like wan to post up something with the picture which i snap with my k800i~~ but ~~ my k800i ~~~ drowing in washing machine now currently ~~ he is in HOSPITAL for recovery -.- it cost me about RM 150 !!! shit ..... dammm ~~ just foreget about it ..... now ~~ i've already end sem .... kinda happy ....cause could have 3 weeks holiday ^___^" !! within this 3 weeks ~~ plan to go KL 1 le ...but then i didnt go also ~~ cause ? dont have $$$ to go la of course !!! " NO MONEY LEARN WHAT PPL "go KL la !! choose not to go -.- ..... and that day " MY FM FORD EVEREST " have came IPOH PERADE ~~ so then my friend's causin wan to join ~ cause everytime MY FM came ipoh ~~ sure she will join ~~ so that day SATURDAY ~~ i follow her to go ~~ that day MY FM bring a lot of gift le ~~ the most attractive were the 2 iPod Shuffe ! and RM 100 for the winner of creative FU YOH ~~ gosh ~~ but unfortnately ~~ i didnt won anything ~~ cause i dare to go for it ~~ maybe this my first time to join -.- ~~ so if nxt time they come again ~~ sure i'll try my best to win it XD !!! further more ~~~ darmm happy le ~~~ even though didnt won anything but i receive alot of free gift from them too ~~ my friend ~~ she won alot of gift @@ 1 of it is a banner @@ a big big banner @@ i wondering how she going to put it at home XD !! darmm big 1 le that banner hahah ~~ haihz -.- dun have " CAMERA " ! so i didnt snap anything ...even the Ford Everest members ~~ darm fun 1 =) ~ so if nxt time they come again ~~ i'll go support again XD ~~~

Oh ya ~~ another thing ~~ which is i am a " TRAINER " now hahah!! Trainer of my dog =D !! every sunday ~~ i'll go for the class with my dog " Gordon " ... which is right beside St.John Hall ~~~ quite miss that hall ~~ cause i use to do marsh on the field when i was a St.John member ~~ all the competition and a lot of happiness happened from that hall too =) miss it alot ~~ i never think that someday i may back beside the hall for Dog Training XD !! but sunday ~~~ normally there dont have any St.John member for marshing le ~~ but saw some of the officer there ~~ think they also not remember me ~~ cause quit edi so long =D !!! so ~~ the first day i still remember i woke up late edi ~~ cause last night went to yum cha with friend and then overslept ~~ yet first day got scold from my father -.- darn not song lor .....but haihz ~~ forget bout it ~~ then went there around 10 something when i reach there i saw alot of different species dog and master are already training their dogs there and im the one who late even for the first class -.- darm paiseh~~ after that i also got a trainer which i call him " Mr.YAP " and starting on that day i'll be under him ~~ so the first day he taught me the way to put choke chain on the dog ~` and also taught me to have leadership within me and the dog ~~ i really can gain something from that ~~ not only my dog ~~ but the master would learn something too =) so ~~ its kind of intresting course which may help to gain knowledge of dogs too =) actually when i havent reach that time ~~ i just dont want to join this kind of class and even train my dog as well -.- but as my father force me to i've no choice =.= ~~ but then now i real like the training there =) hope that to train up my dog =) the first course would be around 10 weeks ~~ so it is around 3 month + ~~ after that will give an exam for the dog ~~ if it pass then only can get the cert =) ~~ so i must train hard !! now everyday night time ~~i've bring my dog for a walk after that will take time to practice also ~~ he is a quite clever dog , so i've confidence to train on it =D so then next time my dog can go along with me when i doing exercize or whatever =) if it necessary ~~ i think i'll take for advance course too =) spend time on my dog and bring it for competition too =)

OK le ~~ think i've nth to share with anymore ? last thing ~~ i've join back to my singing class =) yet it is a whole new class for me =) so ~~ i went ther yesterday ~~ and the way she taught me was different with previous class ~~ so ~~ i'll try on my best to learn as many thing as i can within this holiday =) must spend 3 week nicely to learn something new =)

Little Sharing

Learn to be "RELAX" and be "PATIENCE" for everything ~~ =) its true ~~ while ure doing something with relaxing ~~ u can feel the comfortable of it =) and give patience for thing that u wan to achive ~ and learn as many as u can =) and last " COURAGE ON TO TRY EVERYTHING , NOT TO SCARE ON DOING MISTAKE BUT LEARN FROM THE MISTAKE " =) this what i learned within these day ~~ *ding* keep it in mind =)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Morning 6am @@ Someone house hahah XD
i was the first person on the field

Going to 7am 7.30am

hohoho !! i did it ~ XD ~~ jogging at 6am =) i did it .... ~~ so far ~~ quite happy with today's plan ~~ eventhough i didnt hv something tat i wan on jogging ~~ those ermm Armband .... and also the Sport Earphone as well ...yet ~~ i just try for the first jogging for today ~~and also take the chance for check out anything else i need to bring along when jogging or not then know that the sport earphone is necessary !! >< cause i cant jogging with tat just pull inside my ear tat earphone =.= cause my ear cannot hang well ......will always drop out for certain time =.= tat's y i really need tat so then i can be more enjoy with music haha =)

Today ~~ my i make a high wishes~~ which is i hope tat can run 10 round in 1 hour hahaha ~~~ tat can be too tough -____- but this is what i wish to do ......but then ~~ i failed XD ~~!!! so far ~~ i found tat my respiration had became WEAK edi !! omg -___- last time i can run for 3 round none stop ....but today =.=" !!! 2 round i already out of " GAS " -____- gosh ~~ how worst for my respiration then ~~~ think i can be hopeless for me to achive 10 round within 1 hour hahah ~~~ but then i still continue to ran then =) for the lowest requirement 5 round for me today just try on harder to put myself to go on .......yet i also found that ~~ i got "气喘" ..... aihh..... tis ilness hv been stop since form 1 when i got my badminton training ....but now ~~ i think ~~ i never exercise much~ tat's y ~~ i got it back again -.- ...... So i must continue on jogging everyday !! to cure it off !!! and of course build up a healthy body hehe =)

Lastly ~~~ just wan to remains the SPIRIT that i've got now =) hope tat i wont give up for what i have wish to do ~~ and even wont break my PROMISE for my own =)

Little Sharing =)
Something that you want to achieve is to depends on how much effort you have put on it. =)
一份耕耘 , 一份收获


Friday, April 20, 2007

Everything happen must hv the GOOD and the BAD =)

Tis pic i took it when i on the way to college
and in a heavy rain + CAR JAMMING !!

16th tat day ~~ i drove my car to college in the heavy rain, on the way ...i saw lot of the place get flooded with WATER @@ omg ... tat time ~~ saw lot of car "死火" on the road @@ its darm terrible know !!! know i also scared ... cause my car .... KANCIL nia !!! scare will 死火!!! ><>< !!! tat's y .....if really happen ~~ then darn =.= ..... as i know if i still not rush to college ~~ i going to late for the class =( i dont wan be the last person to enter the class ...... quite shame =.= cause everbody looking at me .... -____- " so after tat ~~ lucky i didnt got any bad inccident happen to me ~~ and reach college le =)

These day ~~~ going to push on myself to work on my plan =) ..... which is tis year CNY wishes i've made ...... " achive a Fit Body " =D now i need to wait for my mp3 first lor ~~ after tat ~~~ everyday ~~ i'll jogging and also do hard exercize to build up a fit Body and even a healthy look =) ...tis is what i plan to do with it .....and also take the chance to 排毒 !!! so then my face can be more better haha ...but now ~~~ my face had become more and more better edi =) yet first sure wan to thx u la my best friend SLEEPING BEAUTY !! XD cause intro ur " GOOD SISTER " to heal my face =D !! anyhow ~~ also wan to thx myself hahah cause i really put effort on it ~~ tat's y come out tis great result ~~ woo hooo =D !!! TQ TQ XD !!! THX everyone and also myself haha ~~~ yet ~~ coming soon ~~~ i've more challenge to face on =) so ~~ i must be cheer up for tat ..... even i going to end sem soon ~~ yet my work hvt finish all yet ~~~ now edi in RIVISION week ~~ but !!!!! i not even touch anything yet WUAHAHHA !! i also duno y i can be so wasted my time hahah ....but still left 1 week le =) so i think it wont be hv prob ~~?? i think i can chase after haha =) but ~~ now i'll plan nicely with my FUTURE PLAN !! so !!! RDY TO GO FOR IT !!! WUAHHAHA !!! so hope tat everyone stay support and cheer me up all the time !!! =P !! and also ~~~ U ALL MUST CHEER UP TOO !! =)

Little Sharing

Dont know when did i stated to prefer RAINING ?? ....whenever its going to rain ~~~ the sky will become Dark ~~ after while ~~ the drops of water will fall from the sky to the ground .....then got the sound DIK DIK DAK DAK ~~~ i just like tis kind of feeling and also the wind blow BREEZY ~~~ i feel comfort with tat ~~~ i look out from my house ..... i'll remind lot of thing.... from the past time till now ..... time really go on faster ........just like the rain drop from the sky ...... none stopping ~~~ yet i also remind something .....which i feel happy for my life ....and even lucky for tis life ,cause not everyone could hv as comfort as us ... cause when raining we hv a warm house to cover us ,but ~~~ in the other way some ppls not even hv a ROOF for them to hide while raining ....and some of the place dont hv even a drop of water fall from the sky ?? and everyday just suffer in the dry sun and starvation... so we're kinda lucky within other and i really feel happy & lucky tat in 今世 i can born in tis family ...i must grateful to god hv sent me here =) what i wan to share is "If you don’t treasure what you have now especially time, you will regret when it’s gone because time will never turn back! "

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Long Time No Blog edi .... Finally im Free to Blog haha ....

Hv been so long ! i never come here to post up something edi haha ... think today will be free for me to blog evrything which from the last post ..... last post was mention about that i went to my FIRST INTERVIEW ? .....but ya ~~~ unfortunately ~~ i've failed ..... too bad =s but tat day i gain something too of course hehe ...and 1 thing which is never happen to me b4 ~~ which was my DEAR LITTLE BROTHER KANCIL ...... tyer hv " BLOW UP " !! gosh ..... haha ...lucky tat i've a friend in my car which know to change tyre ~~ so then thing can be done easily with him ~~ if it only myself ? maybe i take few hours to do it ~~ lucky tat he hv experince with tat ~~ so then jus a few min ~~ then change the tyre edi ~~ =)

See !! how darm was it haha .... my friend was changing the tyre at the moment me and my friend were hving fun beside and i snaping some pic ? haha .... after finish then both of my friends posting haha then continue over journey to interview le =D......

Althought I've failed on the interview .....but i gain lot of things today ~~ and i know what i should improve so then .....nxt time wont do tat mistake again .....=)

Then few days ago ...... 1 of my friend was bday ~~ so then i plan to gave him a big suprise loo keke .... i still remember last year ~~ we're trying to gave him a suprise too ~~ but yet ~~~ he get noticed tat we gave him suprise and he spoil our plan !! -__- ~~ so tis time ~~~ wont be failed again haha ~~ as my friend have back from KL cele bday with him ~~~ so then plan edi tat we act tat i was quarrel with my friend which back from KL and had no bodys cele bday with him haha ..... only me will cele ~~ tis is what i plan to do on him in his bday ~~ tat day evrything going good XD and we did it ~~ relly gave him a big big suprise haha ... and he also said tat our ACTING is better than last time haha, he the one who get bluff on tis year haha .... really funny =) so then we choose Mc Donald cele his 20 year old Bday =D ....

These day i was quite happy .... nth for make me feel pressure and headache .... yet the new intake hv come ~~~ so then lot of newbie student hv join our art and design class too ~~ soon ~~~ hope to get to know all of them lor haha .... to be a GREAT SENIOR wuahahah ! ... anyway ~~~ i've just the same ~~~ always going on to my DREAM with STEP BY STEP =) i never give up with it ! i must improve evryday i could .... learn something DAY BY DAY =) .... just hope tat can sucess on my dream =) ..... i'll CHEER UP !! =) anyway thx for all my friend which hv support me for so long =) i'll 加油 !!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Tomorrow going to be my first interview in my life XD ...........and yet ~~ it is 1 of my Future Target too =D im gonna get scuess with tat =D !!! yet ..... for now ~~ im comfidence ....but duno tomorrow will become how =D ....anyways ~~ just wish tat i could sucess for it XD !! GAMBADEHHHH =D !! * sry for so long didnt show up anything .....actually i've post something last time ~~~ and cause of some of the accident ~~ then hv no mood to post edi XD "


Friday, March 02, 2007


aihh long time didnt write a blog here ...anyways ~~ i did last time i tried to write a blog here but then pc was sux on tat time =.= !! when i finish the whole blog ? but then i cant publish it =.= and yet pc was sux because of low BATTERY with the power supply and also the virus ...tat's y it SUX !! wasted my time .... few hours i've wrote for the blog ...but in the end i cant publish it .....on tat moment i really wan to take out a BASEBALL STICK and whack hardly to my COMP !! -.- but nvm ~~ it past ....anyways ~~ what had happen for me these day are " I LOST MY SOUL ,i dont no how to explain about my feeling these day =.= it jus like ignore evrything @@ ?whenever hv something for me to do ..... i've no mood to do it ......even my homework ? and the most importand is i've no mood to GAMING too???? know myself is kind of GAME CRAZE -.- but hv no mood to play neither !! @@ really weird right ?what the hell happened for myself ? i really dont know .....i jus found tat .....i lost my soul @@? something like tat =.= and ....i've skip 3 day classes from this week ~~ cause im totally COLLAPSE WITH MY BRAIN @@ and cant think of anythings within tis week ...i duno what i wan to do .....sleep? .....i dont know ....but jus .....feel lik wan to watch TV only ? .....i spent 30 hour +++ for 1 drama ..... and i did watch it in my room from day until night ...and finally the drama had already finish ~~ but yet ....i still remain the same ...nth change .....what happen to myself? i really no idea with it =.="" !! where is my soul ? =.= ...... i hope tat i can take a break within tis week not going to coll and also other place =.= stay at home to recover myself ? find my soul -.-" cause im totally mising =.= !! and anyone know the way to cure it ? if ya =.= please let me know -.- ....

Monday, January 01, 2007

Unfortunate & Unforgetable in "THE LAST DAY OF 2006" =( 2.30pm ~~ which i jus wake up ....and what ? now is 2007 =S first of jan .... aihhh what had happened in the past year ....its jus like a dream .....especiall yesterday night .....which i would never forgot about it !! which was my first accident on the road ? =s .....

Things happen when it was around 11.10pm ....which i went out with a gang of friends ~~ all happy inside my car going to stairway pub count down ..... but on the road full fill of cars ....jammed all the ways ...... when the time i was going to reach the venue which infront the parkson road there =.= suddenly " PANNGGGGGGGG !!!!................... O.O"" then i look at the rear-mirror then saw a motorcyclist knock on the back of my car -___- GOSH HIM !!! on tat time =.= AIYO really headache !!! then i jus went off my car ....and see the whether the motorcyclist got serious injure or not =.= .....then i saw he still can walk and take his motor park beside the road ....then i also drive my car which at the side of the road first =.= and gosh ~~ my car emergency light hv crashed !! -____- omg ....and the signal light also crashed =.= omg .....and my car number plate also broke on the road =.= sux at tis time ......tis also the first time where i get tis kind of case ?? then the stupid fellow =.= park his motor far away from my car ? wtf ? wan me to walk to him ?? ok fine then i walk there ....tat time edi 11.30pm !! its going to COUNT DOWN man !!! sux for tis happened ....then i went over there and ask them how ??? now ?? then he directly said his hand injure then motor crash and bla bla bla evrything AND ALSO SAID THAT I GOT EMERGENCY BRAKE???!~~ and ask for the payment for those all O.O"" WTF ? i hvt ask them about my car and I DUN HV MAKE ANY EMERGENCY BRAKE though infront there all the cars also drive on slowly and brake slowly la of course !! ? but then obviously tat he drive on high speed and kock on my car ?? yet he keep on cover him self for keep on mention about tat i make emergency brake and he said he was trying to flee and pass through my car ?? tat was sux and they direct wan me to pay to them ? and yet ~~ its their fault rite? cause he knock behind of my car ? and he still wan to get payment for tat ? waoo ...he reallly -___- .... then i said make report la ~~ he shout tat MAKE REPORT LA MAKE IT !! darm them =.= on that time i really duno what to do even i know if make report sure got lot of problem and must pay for tat , then i was trying ask the on ppls roadside none of them wan to be my witness????=.= then i call my friend ...and some of my friend which inside the car talking to him...then i ask some others friend for hlp too ......then lucky tat 1 of my friend following behind my car and come to hlp =.= !! she saw evrything clearly =.= ya i also jus recall tat she was following behind of my car when in a junction turn then she was already behind ....then she saw evrything and she talk to the fellow then =.= !! on tat time ...... really nervous =.= ...... but then i call my grandpa ask him wan to make police report or not =.= by then .....i ask my grandpa call me back cause my hp going to finish with my credit ....but then =.= i duno y !! my grandpa ask my father call me back ??? waoo !! tat time i was shock and happy enough!! what the hell my grandpa doing =.= !! i ask him and not my father ? though i tot jus wan to ask suggestion on wan to make report or not ~~ he awake my father and ask him to call me back ?? shit ....tat time .....when i receive the call from my father he direct shooting me XXXXXXXX me =.=" then i also vry mad edi ....i said i can cover it myself dont need worry ~~ but then he keep on mumbling me ??? then i also dun care !! direct cut off the phone >< !!! after while .....heard ppls in the MBI field there ...counting on 9........................,8.....................,7..........,6...........,5...............,4...........,3................,2......................,1 then the beautiful fireworks showing on the sky...BUT YET still in talk about the case lor =.= they keep on said tat its our fault =.= ok fine ......then ....finallly got a melay guy come and calm down we all......and then analyze the evrything again ......and in the end obviously their fault too ? but then ....he still not satisfy with tat .... after tat in the end .......of cousrse both of us also damge with our vehicle then the mistake who is make on was "them" and not me ... then its going to end up with tis .....finally he know ...really his fault even the same race of them Melay fellow also said their fault!! then i really thx for his hlp =.= ~~ and then jus shade hand and ends up here without any payment !! though he got damage and his vehicle also damage .....its more pity them me .....cause my car all ppls dun get any injure though ....jus crashed on something ....and yet now edi the settle evrything ...... what the ......for the last day of 2006 ...which i'll never forget about tis !! tis year my COUNT DOWN CELE is in the accident !! sux !! =.="

after tat ......i was really down edi with tat case and of course when i receive my father's called tat time being scolded ~~ i was SUPER " MOODY " !! =.= then what ? my friends edi book a table on stairway ~~ not going ? ......then i decided to go there ......aihh......when reach there jus drink drink drink and drink and enjoy there =.= but the in the early of time ...really no mood ....after getting few more alchoholic drinks ...then i tried not the remind tat on my mind ....and happy for tat !! then all also enjoy there ....but also not good le stairway =.= music and evrything not good ....then we all change place to Y2 le =.= when reach there met some of our friends there ~~ then all play inside le =.= until 3am .... and some of them wan to back home then jus farewell on Y2 there ...and those who back home then go back ....but then ...haha ...of course we still got a gang of NIGHT STALKER XD which think tat 3am still early la !! then go yum cha lor in mamak haha ......then till 5.00am really farewell....then i sent my friends back home .....and when i reach home edi 6am ++ -____- aiihhh after wash my face .....and change pyjamas and sleep at 6.30am XD !!

Tis is what i wont be forget about it , " THE LAST DAY OF 2006.....sigh -.-"" .....but think tat sort of lucky enough ....cause dun hv ppls death or serious injure in the accident .....but tis time ....really learn something from there and get to know things canot be expect sometimes.....if it happen will happen then =s calm when in any kind of cases .....stay clear wit mind ...... although tis time we dun hv counted down on the end of 2006 ....but yet .....after the accident .....i believe that ....evrything new , joys , peace and happiness will come to me =) HAPPY 2007 for all my friends and myself =) CHEER UP IN THE YEAR OF 2007 !!! YEAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! GOOD LUCK =)