Sunday, April 22, 2007

Morning 6am @@ Someone house hahah XD
i was the first person on the field

Going to 7am 7.30am

hohoho !! i did it ~ XD ~~ jogging at 6am =) i did it .... ~~ so far ~~ quite happy with today's plan ~~ eventhough i didnt hv something tat i wan on jogging ~~ those ermm Armband .... and also the Sport Earphone as well ...yet ~~ i just try for the first jogging for today ~~and also take the chance for check out anything else i need to bring along when jogging or not then know that the sport earphone is necessary !! >< cause i cant jogging with tat just pull inside my ear tat earphone =.= cause my ear cannot hang well ......will always drop out for certain time =.= tat's y i really need tat so then i can be more enjoy with music haha =)

Today ~~ my i make a high wishes~~ which is i hope tat can run 10 round in 1 hour hahaha ~~~ tat can be too tough -____- but this is what i wish to do ......but then ~~ i failed XD ~~!!! so far ~~ i found tat my respiration had became WEAK edi !! omg -___- last time i can run for 3 round none stop ....but today =.=" !!! 2 round i already out of " GAS " -____- gosh ~~ how worst for my respiration then ~~~ think i can be hopeless for me to achive 10 round within 1 hour hahah ~~~ but then i still continue to ran then =) for the lowest requirement 5 round for me today just try on harder to put myself to go on .......yet i also found that ~~ i got "气喘" ..... aihh..... tis ilness hv been stop since form 1 when i got my badminton training ....but now ~~ i think ~~ i never exercise much~ tat's y ~~ i got it back again -.- ...... So i must continue on jogging everyday !! to cure it off !!! and of course build up a healthy body hehe =)

Lastly ~~~ just wan to remains the SPIRIT that i've got now =) hope tat i wont give up for what i have wish to do ~~ and even wont break my PROMISE for my own =)

Little Sharing =)
Something that you want to achieve is to depends on how much effort you have put on it. =)
一份耕耘 , 一份收获


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