Friday, May 28, 2010

Second " Update " of the Year ~~

I'm so sorry for all my readers that i've stopped posting for such a long time x_x" .... after my first post for this year .... and now is the second for after half year of 2010 ~~ LOL ....

All my Chinese New Year post, trips, meeting and all... im not gonna mention at here anymore.... if i really do so ... i guess i don't know how many pages i've to write here haha... anyway, i'll update some of it after my CNY ... it's such a long story to tell " BUT " i'll make it short and brief =D

So as i disappear myself for such a long time... it's because i really busy for past few month... as i Subscribed myself to join in a Flight Attendants training centre to enhance my skill, especially my " Public Speaking " skill ... so far i've joined this class for past few month... i even gave up my work in Starbucks and concentrate on this class...

First of all, gotta mention about this training school i've join... called " Inter Excel " ?? i think for those who intrested to join as a cabin crew might heard of it?? i guess ?? have a visit to their website =

So i learnt SO SO MUCH from here and improve a lot... as the most obvious one is my " Confident " as we practiced all the interview question in front of the class all the time plus trained by all good experienced Instructors from aviation last time. It's a really good training class before you apply to be a cabin crew especially for those who lack of confidence one =D you'll improve your skill here =)

Photo with Penang Students when we were in Gurney having our dinner =D

After i attached myself here for several month, and MAS interview came to me... so i took part myself there... and this time ... it prove that i'm different compare to the first time i went there without any CHARISMA ~~ LOL .... that time was in MARCH if not mistake... and i gone through to the THIRD round... still rmb that time i was super HAPPY haha ... but sometimes still the " FORTUNE " thingy .... eventhough i didn't manage to pass... but as i did on my best there with no regret to myself. Will keep fightning !! =)

It was so interesting as i joined this school, get to know a lot of FRIENDS here where we having the same dream to become a cabin crew, we have the same topic to share... encourage each other to improve more... another thing was, we took part ourself to helped out in some of the education fair or school talk, dressed up professional / well groomed.... it's one way to improve our communication skill as well =)

Photo of our Inter Excel directors middle = Mr. Hilary right = Miss Chong left = Penang Admin " Khai Thrine " and all Inter Excell Students =)