Thursday, May 17, 2007

* Bad Fortune *

Aihh ..... this month totally a motnh of " Bad Fortune "..... i been over use the money for this month ~~ yet ~~ the first week of this month already " KOSONG " in my body ......not only that ..... the careless of me ~~ made my phone have spoil still in fixing ~~ see whether it can be fixed or not =.=" aihh.... not only that .... my accessory lost in my box 1 by one !! which i have no idea where they gone too T__________T" really pity .............and also broke a lot of thing lately ~~ 1 of it my grandpa's favourite "VASE" ....when i went out with my car ~~ i didnt notice the vase was there ~~ so ~~ knock down the vase ~~ and the vase roll down to the drain ~~ then the voice " PRANGGG !!!! " broken -.- ......... is it totally bad day ? ......

Yet ~~ the holiday i spend on ~~ nth special ~~ thought want to go KL shopping ~~ yet the first week already " PK " still go KL for what -.- ~~ so i reject my friend and stay in IPOH ~~~ ....... yet ~~ in IPOH also kinda pity ....cause have no $$ while shopping in the shopping mall ...... so what i did was just " window shoping "that's all -.- know when u wan to buy something but u have no $$ to effort it ~~ u're kinda " HEART PAIN " !! know !?!?! ........ =( sad .... aihhh forget bout that ~~ yet i went to my friend's grandpa funeral few days ago ~~ which his grandpa had just passed away ..... went there with some of my friends ~~ kinda sad ..... bad news again ~~ darmm sad ....... and yesterday went out with my friends again ~~ to take our SPM true cert ..... when i reach my previous school ~~ i just ~~ dont like such place =.= i hate my previous secondary school so much hahah XD just dont like ~~~ maybe cause of i dont like to study there ...... but ~~ kinda miss the place there ..... everything seem nth change there ...everything still the same ~~ just some of the teachers were new and the face of every student change =) .... yet also not feeling well when i was inside the school XD i really enjoy my college life much =s ~~ thx god for letting me can join in coll to continue my study ....and dont needa spend my time on form 6 !! cause form 6 darm scary -.- , after taking the cert then spent full day with them " Sing K " + yum cha at night ler .....

Time really goes on fast .....Today already going to end my holiday edi XD ~~ fast ~~~ yet ~~ some of my friends needa back KL edi ~~ =s ~~~ yet today ~~~ noon time ~~ went out with 1 of my friend which i promise him sing K with him when he came back ~~ so sing k again hahax ..... and the importand is ~~ just me and him haha ... darmm funny ~~ cause ~~ never sing k with just 2 ppls b4 haha ..... but ~~ kinda special ~~ cause really can sing more =) yet wont be boring ~~~ maybe both of us can sing well ? haha ~~~ but compare with who i am b4 ..... i wont choose song by my own ..... all the song will choose by my friends everytime i sang with them~~ maybe b4 that ~~ too much ppls ~~ the authority to choose a song also quite hard ..... XD yet ~~ too much ppls will just wait more longer another to ur turn to sing =) if 2 ppls just nice XD !! really enjoy =) ~~~ so then whole day in E-box ler ~~~ i know the facility there always not that good ~~ but no choice ~~ cause IPOH XD ....sight ~~~ after sing K back home then watch TV bout the drama which i like it very much and its season 2 ~~ the " 情陷夜中环 " ..this drama really nice ~~ the first season dramm nice ~~ but season 2 ~~ now 8TV are showing up to epi 4 only ~~ but ~~ quite nice also .... i just like the story inside ~~ cause ~~ it really show a real personality on this century ~~ eveyrthing act inside which is just like reality in our daily life ...... so kinda like that .... after i watch that ~~ brought my dogs for a stroll + training my dog =) more and more likes to train up my dog =) yet ~~ something appear on my mine recently ~~ which i've got the intrest on open a " pets' shop " darm nice =) cause i real like animal as well ^^ ~~ if future i've money ~~ will open a pets' shop maybe =D and also learn how to beautify the pets as well learn to cut the hair of the dogs :D darm nice =) a great business also right ? haha ... think too far away =) yet i like to DREAM HAHAHA ..... dream too much =s ...... even ~~~ now where is my first dream ~~ i still duno yet ~~ but will know that i'll not give up for what i wish to ~~" 我心里的那团火是不会那么容易熄灭的 !!! " eventhough i got bad comment from teacher ....yet darm hurt know ?? i really care for what she said bout me .......but ~~ its a process of learning for me i care ...that's y i care ~~ i must do more better to show her that ~~ i can do it !! and ...i must keep on pushing up myself ~~ must be always remind to * cheer up * and not to be afraid to face the challenge !!!! ><" !! so coming soon ~~ will have more challenge coming to me ..... yet ~~ school starting soon ~~ and now ~~ i still planing that wheater i wan to take part time job / freelance or not ....cause i want to try ~~ work for my self .....within this month ~~ i really awaken by my friends ....ya they are true ~~ the money are from my family ~~~ i should't spend too much ..... so ~~ now onwards ~~ will learn to spend less and try to save up for everything =) ....... so ~~~ i must do that oo =)

Little Sharing

Learn to think positively ...... learn to save money ...... learn to face every challenge and learn not to give away the "chance" "机会" even it just only a little tiny chance ..... =)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Duno what to post up?

Aihhh , damm i feel like wan to post up something with the picture which i snap with my k800i~~ but ~~ my k800i ~~~ drowing in washing machine now currently ~~ he is in HOSPITAL for recovery -.- it cost me about RM 150 !!! shit ..... dammm ~~ just foreget about it ..... now ~~ i've already end sem .... kinda happy ....cause could have 3 weeks holiday ^___^" !! within this 3 weeks ~~ plan to go KL 1 le ...but then i didnt go also ~~ cause ? dont have $$$ to go la of course !!! " NO MONEY LEARN WHAT PPL "go KL la !! choose not to go -.- ..... and that day " MY FM FORD EVEREST " have came IPOH PERADE ~~ so then my friend's causin wan to join ~ cause everytime MY FM came ipoh ~~ sure she will join ~~ so that day SATURDAY ~~ i follow her to go ~~ that day MY FM bring a lot of gift le ~~ the most attractive were the 2 iPod Shuffe ! and RM 100 for the winner of creative FU YOH ~~ gosh ~~ but unfortnately ~~ i didnt won anything ~~ cause i dare to go for it ~~ maybe this my first time to join -.- ~~ so if nxt time they come again ~~ sure i'll try my best to win it XD !!! further more ~~~ darmm happy le ~~~ even though didnt won anything but i receive alot of free gift from them too ~~ my friend ~~ she won alot of gift @@ 1 of it is a banner @@ a big big banner @@ i wondering how she going to put it at home XD !! darmm big 1 le that banner hahah ~~ haihz -.- dun have " CAMERA " ! so i didnt snap anything ...even the Ford Everest members ~~ darm fun 1 =) ~ so if nxt time they come again ~~ i'll go support again XD ~~~

Oh ya ~~ another thing ~~ which is i am a " TRAINER " now hahah!! Trainer of my dog =D !! every sunday ~~ i'll go for the class with my dog " Gordon " ... which is right beside St.John Hall ~~~ quite miss that hall ~~ cause i use to do marsh on the field when i was a St.John member ~~ all the competition and a lot of happiness happened from that hall too =) miss it alot ~~ i never think that someday i may back beside the hall for Dog Training XD !! but sunday ~~~ normally there dont have any St.John member for marshing le ~~ but saw some of the officer there ~~ think they also not remember me ~~ cause quit edi so long =D !!! so ~~ the first day i still remember i woke up late edi ~~ cause last night went to yum cha with friend and then overslept ~~ yet first day got scold from my father -.- darn not song lor .....but haihz ~~ forget bout it ~~ then went there around 10 something when i reach there i saw alot of different species dog and master are already training their dogs there and im the one who late even for the first class -.- darm paiseh~~ after that i also got a trainer which i call him " Mr.YAP " and starting on that day i'll be under him ~~ so the first day he taught me the way to put choke chain on the dog ~` and also taught me to have leadership within me and the dog ~~ i really can gain something from that ~~ not only my dog ~~ but the master would learn something too =) so ~~ its kind of intresting course which may help to gain knowledge of dogs too =) actually when i havent reach that time ~~ i just dont want to join this kind of class and even train my dog as well -.- but as my father force me to i've no choice =.= ~~ but then now i real like the training there =) hope that to train up my dog =) the first course would be around 10 weeks ~~ so it is around 3 month + ~~ after that will give an exam for the dog ~~ if it pass then only can get the cert =) ~~ so i must train hard !! now everyday night time ~~i've bring my dog for a walk after that will take time to practice also ~~ he is a quite clever dog , so i've confidence to train on it =D so then next time my dog can go along with me when i doing exercize or whatever =) if it necessary ~~ i think i'll take for advance course too =) spend time on my dog and bring it for competition too =)

OK le ~~ think i've nth to share with anymore ? last thing ~~ i've join back to my singing class =) yet it is a whole new class for me =) so ~~ i went ther yesterday ~~ and the way she taught me was different with previous class ~~ so ~~ i'll try on my best to learn as many thing as i can within this holiday =) must spend 3 week nicely to learn something new =)

Little Sharing

Learn to be "RELAX" and be "PATIENCE" for everything ~~ =) its true ~~ while ure doing something with relaxing ~~ u can feel the comfortable of it =) and give patience for thing that u wan to achive ~ and learn as many as u can =) and last " COURAGE ON TO TRY EVERYTHING , NOT TO SCARE ON DOING MISTAKE BUT LEARN FROM THE MISTAKE " =) this what i learned within these day ~~ *ding* keep it in mind =)