Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of the year.... Adios~ 2009

Finally i made up my mind to write my last post here for 2009 .... all the happiness and sorrow will gonna stop by here for today the last day 2009, the New Hope, New Wishes is coming in the year of 2010.... for the year of 2009.... I've been achieved so much ... but of course there's some i still couldn't reach yet where it's a litte disappointed ...

But well ... for the last day, want to make my last post much interesting than i put my " MAS interview " as my last post... haha... thx Alex my new junior for reminded me of this, and also other blogger who keep on asking me to post up something here. Before that i was too lazy / no mood on writing a blog... but when i've got the mood... festival keep coming in, The School Holiday, Awal Muharam, Xmas and today NEW YEAR !!! actually should be thankful that i still have my noon period to update here finally haha...totally have no time, busy on working for all these festive season ... still something happened in our store where we lack of partners... so i have to work more often than usual ... for this post would roughly share about some of my memory here... for the most memory for me all this year was actually all the moment when i work as a Starbucks Barista here.... I'll never forget the moment with all my partners in this store also the regular customers here .... get to know them more after I've been working here for half years ago ... never forget about their favourite drink... their smile... their friendliness ... of course sometimes I may feel unhappy with certain issue or misunderstood with my partner and some of the customers ... but overall to said that ... I'll take it as an experience for me.... maybe because this my first job ?? but after all these... i found that i really grown much than i expected .... totally agreed that " Human Grow up in Pressure " ... with all the Complain from peoples towards you ... then only you will realized that the mistake that i made.... i understand that sometimes it is really tough / hard to accept that the fact to you ... but i learnt the way ...always remind myself " Take it and leave it " .... so that only i can make myself improve more...

I never felt that I'm wasting my time to work here as a barista... although in the very early moment ... i never expect that I'll become a Barista here as well ... all that i want was just a " Waiter " job .... but i never expect that god give me such a good opportunity to be here .... even though i know it still a distance way from the job that i wanted .... i went for the interview but i failed to get in... but i told myself that ... maybe god wants me to stay here longer to experience more before i go on to the next one .... so i do obey you ... i keep my word.... stay here and work here till i get my dream career....

There's so many times i asked myself ... HOW LONG for me on reaching my dream!? ... and with this question ... it really brought me down again. For the moment when i failed on my interview .... i did blamed on myself ... the Anger ... the fierce the sadness.... but lucky that ... i get to wake up still ... cause I've so many good friends around to cheer me up ... really THX ALL OF YOU to stand by my side all the while .... yet i stood up again and continue my journey and not to give up .... I'm sure i could achieve that someday ... so i will go on ...

Other than i couldn't achieve my dream career ... well there's also some of the achievement that i made it in this year ^^ like the photos below =)

My GIRL FRIEND !??~~~ LOL .... nope ... haha ... just my classmate where we Graduate together ^_^"

Group Photos for all the Design Students ^_^

Haha ... love this photo ... as you can see how HAPPY i am and the bear sitting on top of me haha ^_^

And the last one ... my family photo, my dad, mom and my sister =) Thx for my parents ... only you, so i could achieve this =)
" Graduated on 17th of Dec 09 with the same day of Starbucks 11th Anniversary "

Another thing where I'm so happy for this year ... which is my .......

POD POD !!! haha ... peoples used to get their " GOLDEN KEY NECKLACE " on their 21st Bday.... as for me ... i got this =)

With beautiful Engraving =)
"Been yelling to my parents long ago then only they get this for me as my 21st bday present instead of the Golden Key Neckalce... Received this Pod Pod on 28th of Sep 09"

Of Course there's much much more happy memory i wish to share... The New Friends where i get to this year, The Coming year's Wishes... The New Partner in our store... my Grandparents...and so much more !!! .... but I've a time limit for today.... 5 hours of time had just passed by .... gotta prepare myself to work later ... for CLOSING and NEW YEAR EVE, i know it might be BUSY tonight !!... whatever it is ... i must enjoy to the fullest =D ... after this post ... i guess i must force myself to write more again =) HAPPY NEW YEAR Bloggers and friends =) wish you have a Great New Year coming ahead of you..