Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day Of Kopitiam =) ~~really special for me ~~ cause i never expect tat i could spend around the whole days in a coffee house " KOPITIAM " .....from 11.30 ~~ i out of my class ~~ then folow all my Coll friends go for LUNCH !! on tat time its really cool ~~ know y ??? there hv around 7-8 cars is going to a same place HAHAH !! a big groug le ~~ all SUNWAY student hahah.....amazing....after tat we go to a coffee shop for our lunch " LOK WUI KUI " after we hv our lunch with all the Coll friends ~~ then we dismiss with some of the coll friends ~~ then me and my sis join another group of coll friends which is closes...went to wash car ~~after wash up the car ~~ then around 2something we decided to go KOPITIAM for chit-chat~~

then !! from 2 oclock !!! then till 11 oclock !! we spend all days there le !!!?!?!?! i never tot of it b4 ~we hv seated there around 9 - 10 hours !!! walao =.= after tat ~~ till 11.30pm jus reached home man !!!~~~ ....but anways its really a nice day for me ~~ we chat alot of thing while we were in KOPITIAM ~~ actually 6pm tat time wan to dimiss edi ~~ cause nite 8 oclock i promise my friend will watch movie with her ....but within tat time ... suddenly rain canot get back home on tat time ...then we kept on chating there till 8 oclock !! some of the stuff there also finish their working time edi -_- but we're still there chating haha !! then still continue order for our dinner there also ~~ ate while chat !! haha ......but its really a special + happy day for me ~~ i meet some of the new friends there and get more even closer with them .....really happy for today ~~

aihh time is not early for now ~~ i hv to off edi ~~ cause actually my PC having problem le !!! duno which part burn edi ~~ if on my pc longer will float out some BAD SMELL !! like plastic burning =.= i need to bring my comp for check up soon...haha ~~ ok le ~~ til now gonna stop hehe wan to bath also -___-" hvt bath also kekek ~~ ke byeee =P

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bright Day =)

hehe...happy within tis few days .....although my Coll second sem had start edi...but within tis few days in coll ~~ averange to explain tat ~~ it was great =) i get to know lot of ppls in coll and not onlt tis ~~ i can feel tat myself are close to each of my coll friend edi ~~ within these few days ~~ i went out shopping , tea time , lunch , gymnasium with all of them =) happy =) then ...later on my sis will organize a Birtday party ~~ and yet i know tat she invite all the Art & Design course student go to her party ~~~ wao sounds great ~~ i can even more close with all of them after all =) erm...then something wan to said is parents let me to join the Singing Class ^^ im happy too ....cause my parents are allowed me to go there .....after tat ....something wanna said about it ...tat's my RELIGION ...i really duno what's my religion are .....y i said so....cause last time i've joined to be a start from tat day ~~ i always remind myself ~~ im a Christian .....but after all ...i found tat ....myself are not .....but i still in hesitate tat ...on WED tat time churhc friend hv a meeting i go there for listen some of the bible stuff...but after tat they were disgusting tat ...if a person die ~~ is it truely will go to heaven ? u know i get tis answer is ~~ ya....whenever a ppl die ....and if he is with faith to jessus ....he may go to HEAVEN ......for what im thinks tat ....for so long i've never been to church am i still a christian ? and yet ......they also talked about ....if a person didnt read bible , its will consider tat the person is not a christian =.= ~~ so ? is it tat's me ? ~~ i also duno le ......i've so long didnt touch my bible edi....and yet i really lazy to take out my book to read i duno le , but for what i know ...just if u hv the heart with jesus....ure still a Christian all the time..i'll believe tis .....then yesterday ~~ my Pastor in my church have a lunch with me and my church friend Jasson.....for what i know yesterday @@ my pastor know my father for long time ago -_- omg !! tis was surpise for me -_- both of them know each oter.....even when my father hv sickness tat time ....he hv hlp my father also.....i really thnkful to my pastor.......I realise tat ... tis world is really small......whenever u go , its jus like a big round back to u again....i mean friends =) anyways ~~ tis is fate which set by god =)

Now i jus woke up from my bed ~~ but later on ~~ i wanna to do my homework =.= but i duno my sis hv leave all the art instument for me to do my homework or not ~~ but if she didnt leave there ~~ hehe then i can go out with friends hahaha for movie maybe ~~ or duno le ~~ but my homework ~~ i must do it ~~ if not will be like last time , canot finished it =( ok le i think nth could be said here ~~

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Evrything New Will Start from nxt week....

Aih.....nxt week on ...will take off my cap to coll edi ....hope tat will fresh for evry one in coll .....b4 tat .... lot of ppl not intrest to me le .... " ren qi " vry low ......i told me self ~~ i must hv a great changes for my nxt sem on i gonna proove and change it ....still duno how after i change my wole package ....=.=" hope tat will be get back the " ren qi " which i wan ~~ after tat tomorrow will be my first day to learn to sing le ~~ but yet ~~ still duno my parents allow me to learn to sing or not ......i pray tat =.= they agree what i hv choose to learn .......then erm tomorrow also the day i finish 3 hours on my CAR license !! then i can get " L" edi =.= " finally i can get my " L " license edi friends every time aksed tat " HOW COME U HV CAR BUT U DUN HV LICENSE TO DRIVE " ? -_- ".....tat's y i should prove them i must get " P " as soon as possible !! wao...too late edi now ... 3 am ~~ i should sleep now -_- if not tomorrow canot sing well in my first singing CLASS !!! -__ - good nite first ~~ good day ~~ and pray tat god will bless me for tomorrow =D

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sun shine after the rain

Finally ~~ i had finished my first sem edi ~~~ aih....vry stress when go till the end ...i didnt finish few pieces of my assignment to pass up for my lecturer ....cause not enough time for me to do .....b4 tat when he gave me the work tat time i dun wan to start to do it ...then wait till the last day jus started to do it ....but its too late .....few days didnt slept to rush for the assignment, but finally i also pass up all of it edi ~~ jus 5 piecese didnt passed up ~~ and gets 0(zero) marks.....watever ~~ it's over ...i dun care edi , even what result i get ....for the nxt sem ~~ it sill be more stress on it ....the coming up assignment will be more harder than the first sem i must do it nicely ~~ dun mess up again =(
Today is Thursday ~~ afternoon need to go back to coll to go for my LAN sub oo....i've WET for few days edi ~~~ tat's enough for me ler ....yesterday went to watched movie so called " STAY ALIVE " tat movie was about " Online Games " which called STAY ALIVE ~~ and in the story tat was about sixth ppls play tis game, then tis game will jus like reality ...when u die inside the game ~~ then in life u'll die the same way which u die inside the game~~...quite intrest to watch it .... till today erm ...later need to prepare to go Coll le ....i had jus woke up le ~~ now 1.30 pm =.= so long i never try to wake up tat late edi ...dun care le ~~ k le now gonna prepare to go for my class soon ~~ so c ya ~~ stop here =)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

1 Day didnt sleep =.="

Wao.....20 hoursin doing my work and i didnt sleep for whole day....cause of what ? rush my assignment ler ......b4 tat lazy to do ~~ then wait till the last min jus start to do it =.=" darm ~~ for the whole day ~~ i jus finish to do 4 pieces of work ....which mean totally i hv finish 10 pieces ....but totally we hv to finish 20 ~~ but i jus finish 10 only =.= so still need continue to do...i think within tis few days ~~ i cant sleep well le ~~ cause still hv 10 pieces to do still duno whether i can finish it or not -_- i've jus passed up 10 pieces today ....but my lecturer also not satisfy with what i've done i still need to add up another 10 jus enough for me to pass tis semester.....the last day to pass up will be on monday ~~ which means still hv 3 days to do 10 pieces =.= ~~ duno i can finish it or not ......but for now ~~ my daily time bcome unclear edi =.= morning become nite ~~ and nite become morning edi ....i had jus woke up on 8 pm then jus do like wat i did in morning ~~ BATH + BRUSH MY TEETH ~~~ haha then 9 oclock hv my dinner like jus like having my breakfast on 9am tat time ~~ truely ..... after having my " BREAKFAST " on 9pm ~~ then go upstairs to do research with my moral about the " corruption " and also try to find some idea in internet for my assignment ~~ then chat with some of my friend too ....after tat till now 3 am edi ~~ but for me now jus like 3pm afternoon =.= maybe my daily time in my brain hv some problem edi ~~ how could be now i still can open my eye vry big like afternoon ~~ tat's y i need to stable my time again ~~ so now i hv to sleep now , tomorrow jus continue my work ~~ ok for today nite ~~