Sunday, July 09, 2006

Evrything New Will Start from nxt week....

Aih.....nxt week on ...will take off my cap to coll edi ....hope tat will fresh for evry one in coll .....b4 tat .... lot of ppl not intrest to me le .... " ren qi " vry low ......i told me self ~~ i must hv a great changes for my nxt sem on i gonna proove and change it ....still duno how after i change my wole package ....=.=" hope tat will be get back the " ren qi " which i wan ~~ after tat tomorrow will be my first day to learn to sing le ~~ but yet ~~ still duno my parents allow me to learn to sing or not ......i pray tat =.= they agree what i hv choose to learn .......then erm tomorrow also the day i finish 3 hours on my CAR license !! then i can get " L" edi =.= " finally i can get my " L " license edi friends every time aksed tat " HOW COME U HV CAR BUT U DUN HV LICENSE TO DRIVE " ? -_- ".....tat's y i should prove them i must get " P " as soon as possible !! wao...too late edi now ... 3 am ~~ i should sleep now -_- if not tomorrow canot sing well in my first singing CLASS !!! -__ - good nite first ~~ good day ~~ and pray tat god will bless me for tomorrow =D


jetxin said...

omg, u go out join singing class~~~~hebat la u!!!
finally u get L herm..gambate for ur P!!but how oso muz drive carefully, dont let any accident happen oh but if u r really then unlucky then tak boleh buat apa la.

u wan fresh urself then change ur style, i duno wat kind of style that u r having now la juz slowly change ur style, if can then try to dye ur hair, brown color la, although black color is the best.cuz i saw my classmate dye brown or copper brown like tht very nice.

i duno u will follow wat i suggest or not but thts juz my comment for u la..

Ivan Tsubasa_Taiki~* said...

hehe thx =)