Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bright Day =)

hehe...happy within tis few days .....although my Coll second sem had start edi...but within tis few days in coll ~~ averange to explain tat ~~ it was great =) i get to know lot of ppls in coll and not onlt tis ~~ i can feel tat myself are close to each of my coll friend edi ~~ within these few days ~~ i went out shopping , tea time , lunch , gymnasium with all of them =) happy =) then ...later on my sis will organize a Birtday party ~~ and yet i know tat she invite all the Art & Design course student go to her party ~~~ wao sounds great ~~ i can even more close with all of them after all =) erm...then something wan to said is parents let me to join the Singing Class ^^ im happy too ....cause my parents are allowed me to go there .....after tat ....something wanna said about it ...tat's my RELIGION ...i really duno what's my religion are .....y i said so....cause last time i've joined to be a start from tat day ~~ i always remind myself ~~ im a Christian .....but after all ...i found tat ....myself are not .....but i still in hesitate tat ...on WED tat time churhc friend hv a meeting i go there for listen some of the bible stuff...but after tat they were disgusting tat ...if a person die ~~ is it truely will go to heaven ? u know i get tis answer is ~~ ya....whenever a ppl die ....and if he is with faith to jessus ....he may go to HEAVEN ......for what im thinks tat ....for so long i've never been to church am i still a christian ? and yet ......they also talked about ....if a person didnt read bible , its will consider tat the person is not a christian =.= ~~ so ? is it tat's me ? ~~ i also duno le ......i've so long didnt touch my bible edi....and yet i really lazy to take out my book to read i duno le , but for what i know ...just if u hv the heart with jesus....ure still a Christian all the time..i'll believe tis .....then yesterday ~~ my Pastor in my church have a lunch with me and my church friend Jasson.....for what i know yesterday @@ my pastor know my father for long time ago -_- omg !! tis was surpise for me -_- both of them know each oter.....even when my father hv sickness tat time ....he hv hlp my father also.....i really thnkful to my pastor.......I realise tat ... tis world is really small......whenever u go , its jus like a big round back to u again....i mean friends =) anyways ~~ tis is fate which set by god =)

Now i jus woke up from my bed ~~ but later on ~~ i wanna to do my homework =.= but i duno my sis hv leave all the art instument for me to do my homework or not ~~ but if she didnt leave there ~~ hehe then i can go out with friends hahaha for movie maybe ~~ or duno le ~~ but my homework ~~ i must do it ~~ if not will be like last time , canot finished it =( ok le i think nth could be said here ~~

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