Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First post in the year of 2010 ....

Well nothing much to say, so far i believe that this year would bring me a lot of luck and had moved forward compare with last year !!.... gonna share with you this time, that what happened with my first month of this year =D

From the very beginning of the year... the FIRST DAY I'm happy enough and i do believe that i've move a little forward though i have some small talked with my manager.... i did asked her about my Strength & my Weakness so far i've been working here for half year ago ?? .... as she didnt straight away on telling me what's my weakness .... she started with some compliment to me saying that i've improve so much compare with last time.... but i still needs more time to grow... she did told me that my biggest weakness was ... not listening to what the senior have told me... without a doubt...i accepted what she said... but i hopes that she can understand what i mean to her.... sometimes, things that heard from other peoples isn't really that true though.... but still i'm so happy to have a small talked with her ..... yet i'll take down what she said to me ... and have some changes in the coming future....

A Starbucks Mug and my FIRST " Be " card received from my manager as a reward to me... really appreciate much and so happy to own this =)

That's the first card i get so far i've been working here for half year ago....although for some peoples might think that it just a small thing haha... as for me its not =) what do you expect on my year of 2010 ? don't you think its a great START of this year ? XD a great New year present for me as i told myself i should have to improve and improve more and not disappointed you guys my partners ^.<"


On 2nd day of this month .... I was so happy, cause the confirmation of my father that he said to buy a new car !! *tears drop* been keep persuade them to buy this new car long ago and finally they made up their mind !! XD...

It's 5+2 seater car by Perodua .... guess what ?? YES ... the " Alza " ... love the slogan of this car ... " Versatile As you " ... it means by it can be a car ... also can be a mini MPV when needed =) ... just like this concept and the design of this car !!! plus father gave the authority to me to choose the colour that i want... and of course !!! i picked my favorite colour !! " PURE WHITE " !! which I've been hope for so long to have a PURE WHITE CAR !!! and finally !!! HAHA ....

Went for the car test drive on that day ... after my turn on driving... and now my sister xD ... *for me its kind of heavy... cause i used to drive on my little Kancil* haha

Seeing my father sitting comfortably there ... enjoying haha ...

Preview of the Car !!! a pure white with dark window behind =)


on 5th -- the arrival of the Newbie to our store XD .... yup our store had finally hired total of 6 new partners .... we have 2 Alex, Chris, Shiong Yee, Esther and V-Tgen.... so happy to see there's new partner ... *cause finally there's someone to bully* HAHAHA ..... welll yes ... its been a short moment that i've been with them... actually im glad that their training this time was in Penang ... and also i followed them to Penang cause i've 3 days off plus I've always wanted to go Penang long time ago.... since i want to go there for relax ... shopping... also the SEA VIEW .... i like sea view XD .... and i like the breezy and the sound of the sea wave....

*Plus can stick with them for FREE ROOM !! HAHAHA*

So i went there with them .... but all the while i was alone there ...cause friends in Penang need to study... and some of them in butterworth, so i just fully enjoy just my " OWN " one people life for 2 days over there ... shopping my own ... lunch my own ... watch movie my own...strolled my own =) i feel enjoy there... although there's something unhappy happened to me there .... but everything has been whipe away by all the happiness that i have over there ^^

Penang Bridge view from Sbux on E-gate in the early morning of 7.30am .... warm and nice =) i like this store =)

While They were in their class ... seems fun isn't it ? XD ... *Flash back of my own training last time in Cameron... my class only 3 peoples haha...if there's so many peoples training together must be much interesting*


That's all for this time, gotta work later......Up Coming with my Family Trip and more ^_^"

Thx for reading ^^