Saturday, July 01, 2006

1 Day didnt sleep =.="

Wao.....20 hoursin doing my work and i didnt sleep for whole day....cause of what ? rush my assignment ler ......b4 tat lazy to do ~~ then wait till the last min jus start to do it =.=" darm ~~ for the whole day ~~ i jus finish to do 4 pieces of work ....which mean totally i hv finish 10 pieces ....but totally we hv to finish 20 ~~ but i jus finish 10 only =.= so still need continue to do...i think within tis few days ~~ i cant sleep well le ~~ cause still hv 10 pieces to do still duno whether i can finish it or not -_- i've jus passed up 10 pieces today ....but my lecturer also not satisfy with what i've done i still need to add up another 10 jus enough for me to pass tis semester.....the last day to pass up will be on monday ~~ which means still hv 3 days to do 10 pieces =.= ~~ duno i can finish it or not ......but for now ~~ my daily time bcome unclear edi =.= morning become nite ~~ and nite become morning edi ....i had jus woke up on 8 pm then jus do like wat i did in morning ~~ BATH + BRUSH MY TEETH ~~~ haha then 9 oclock hv my dinner like jus like having my breakfast on 9am tat time ~~ truely ..... after having my " BREAKFAST " on 9pm ~~ then go upstairs to do research with my moral about the " corruption " and also try to find some idea in internet for my assignment ~~ then chat with some of my friend too ....after tat till now 3 am edi ~~ but for me now jus like 3pm afternoon =.= maybe my daily time in my brain hv some problem edi ~~ how could be now i still can open my eye vry big like afternoon ~~ tat's y i need to stable my time again ~~ so now i hv to sleep now , tomorrow jus continue my work ~~ ok for today nite ~~

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