Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sun shine after the rain

Finally ~~ i had finished my first sem edi ~~~ aih....vry stress when go till the end ...i didnt finish few pieces of my assignment to pass up for my lecturer ....cause not enough time for me to do .....b4 tat when he gave me the work tat time i dun wan to start to do it ...then wait till the last day jus started to do it ....but its too late .....few days didnt slept to rush for the assignment, but finally i also pass up all of it edi ~~ jus 5 piecese didnt passed up ~~ and gets 0(zero) marks.....watever ~~ it's over ...i dun care edi , even what result i get ....for the nxt sem ~~ it sill be more stress on it ....the coming up assignment will be more harder than the first sem i must do it nicely ~~ dun mess up again =(
Today is Thursday ~~ afternoon need to go back to coll to go for my LAN sub oo....i've WET for few days edi ~~~ tat's enough for me ler ....yesterday went to watched movie so called " STAY ALIVE " tat movie was about " Online Games " which called STAY ALIVE ~~ and in the story tat was about sixth ppls play tis game, then tis game will jus like reality ...when u die inside the game ~~ then in life u'll die the same way which u die inside the game~~...quite intrest to watch it .... till today erm ...later need to prepare to go Coll le ....i had jus woke up le ~~ now 1.30 pm =.= so long i never try to wake up tat late edi ...dun care le ~~ k le now gonna prepare to go for my class soon ~~ so c ya ~~ stop here =)

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