Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day Of Kopitiam =) ~~really special for me ~~ cause i never expect tat i could spend around the whole days in a coffee house " KOPITIAM " .....from 11.30 ~~ i out of my class ~~ then folow all my Coll friends go for LUNCH !! on tat time its really cool ~~ know y ??? there hv around 7-8 cars is going to a same place HAHAH !! a big groug le ~~ all SUNWAY student hahah.....amazing....after tat we go to a coffee shop for our lunch " LOK WUI KUI " after we hv our lunch with all the Coll friends ~~ then we dismiss with some of the coll friends ~~ then me and my sis join another group of coll friends which is closes...went to wash car ~~after wash up the car ~~ then around 2something we decided to go KOPITIAM for chit-chat~~

then !! from 2 oclock !!! then till 11 oclock !! we spend all days there le !!!?!?!?! i never tot of it b4 ~we hv seated there around 9 - 10 hours !!! walao =.= after tat ~~ till 11.30pm jus reached home man !!!~~~ ....but anways its really a nice day for me ~~ we chat alot of thing while we were in KOPITIAM ~~ actually 6pm tat time wan to dimiss edi ~~ cause nite 8 oclock i promise my friend will watch movie with her ....but within tat time ... suddenly rain canot get back home on tat time ...then we kept on chating there till 8 oclock !! some of the stuff there also finish their working time edi -_- but we're still there chating haha !! then still continue order for our dinner there also ~~ ate while chat !! haha ......but its really a special + happy day for me ~~ i meet some of the new friends there and get more even closer with them .....really happy for today ~~

aihh time is not early for now ~~ i hv to off edi ~~ cause actually my PC having problem le !!! duno which part burn edi ~~ if on my pc longer will float out some BAD SMELL !! like plastic burning =.= i need to bring my comp for check up soon...haha ~~ ok le ~~ til now gonna stop hehe wan to bath also -___-" hvt bath also kekek ~~ ke byeee =P

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