Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Make Life As Simple As You Could =)

Yea so fast Sept gonna finish again and my new coming semester is also starting on 2 of Oct , mooncake festival just pass by few hours ago =D ~ what im gonna mentioned here is ~~ i've got a work in an art studio " THE SEVEN " so far so good there =) but the boss a bit prob + stingy hahaha ~~ but average is ok =) sometimes might have some " SNAKE WAR " with my boss ~~ cause he is totally a very " SNAKE " feller ( read in cantonese ).
Now is 3.30am ~~ i had just finish my freelance work by drawing up the " BLEACH " cartoons for make it to Eraser in the future , remember the games of " ERASER " that we used to play in class in childhood ~~ yes definetely im doing those eraser haha =D still have 23 of it to draw ~~ i just finish up 3 of it hahaha ~~ so i hv to cheer up ... just now i've got quarrel with my mom and sadly ~~ i made her cried =( how bad i am ~~ i feel guilty after all ~~ so i think i have to appologize for her by tomorrow =s but its kind of very hard to open the mouth and said it hahaha i wondering why =s .... now i only realize a SORRY not easy to be speak XD...
These day parents are searching for laptop for me ~~ yet im looking for the handset too ~~ for last time i've lost my k800i ~~ so as i plan to aim on W710i ~~ but unfortunately ~~ my parents not allow me to afford another expansive phone, cause they scare i'll re-do the same mistake ~~ careless -.- so far i also know that im careless ~~ so this time gotta buy another phone which has MP3 + PHONE is enough =s so i choose W200i ~~ think its economic to get it first ~~ until the day i real can earn $$ myself only go and affort another 1 which i wish to get =s for now ~~ i've no choice ~~ cause my parents would't let me to buy the phone which is above RM 1000 =.= that's why ~~ i'll get that instead of W710i sport style phone T_T .... so i think its good if i use 200i ~~ cause really a CHEAP handset anyway =s so far it has just " 0.3 " mega pixel and " Bluetoothless " !! what the phone without a bluetooh ? hahah but actually ~~ that phone is good enough ~~ yet it is the only CHEAP phone which can support up to 2 GB M2 memory card ~~ so its a great deal for me ~~ this phone it just a simple for like MP3 + Phone and nth more like 3G ~ Capture photo ~~~ so after while i use this phone ~~ i might suit myself with that and dont think for what 3G , Photo Capture anymore ~~ yet just use first lor =( " POOR IS LIKE THAT " 1 la =s sigh........

Little Sharing
Make your lifeas simple as u can , so then it just happy for everyday, satisfy for it, appreciate for what u have =) think that " you're lucky enough " because some other ppls might not be as good as us like ppls in disaster on Flood and Starving, wheres we can still online and safety for everyday =s so we're the Luckier =D

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小刘 said...

All people is just want more and more and more.

We have to treasure for what we got now.