Monday, December 17, 2007


long time no blog edi ~~ and nth to blog XD .... but just ermmm ..... upload some photos here which i took it on my last trip to KL ....and today im going to KL again =D ..... but ..... totally like losing my SOUL XD duno go there for what again ~~~ shopping ?=D and happy that few days b4 ~~ get to know 3 new friends which from kelantan XD .... Darren , Ray and Micky quite happy get to know them .... intro by Ashley =) thx .......anyway just upload the 2 photos which i took from last trip and i'll go on for my lunch =D bye =)

2007 Xmas decoration in 1 U =) the toy soldier =)

A night view taken from my friend's condo , reminded me alot of thing when i look at this beautiful night view =)

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leong soon said...

Heyya it's me your grandpa. A little and nosy bird showed me your blog and told me you'd be blogging again. I've added you to my blogroll, so you'd better get the updates coming ^^