Friday, August 31, 2007

My 19 Birthday.... and the 50 years of MERDEKA in Malaysia =s

Yea , its 5am from now ..... yet i just back from my celebration of MERDEKA and also my bday ..... so fast get into 19 now ..... i still remember my last year bday ... it was so happy .... and the most most happier bday i ever have for my last bday .......but this year .... it would be different .....first of all .... yea i did cele my bday with all my " BEST FRIENDS " and this time all of them are back to IPOH ..... i think they are celebrate with me ? .....hmm i also not sure bout it .

This year bday ....i'm disappointed ...... not bout the present or anything ...... but its bout our friends' relationship .....i found that ~~~ i am not in their gang anymore ? or let say for the other way ...... they all dont like me or maybe i looks " hated " for them ?..... why i said so ? ..... this year bday they cele with my in " Happy Valley " yea im damn happy .... not beacuse of they celebrate with me .....but im happy for this time ~~ all ours best friends can get together , all of them back from KL and stay in IPOH for longer .... so we all can have a big gathering and also take this chance to cele with me and merdeka too ..... but this is for what i think ...... maybe they aren't =s

So as the party begin .... we start our journey at 7 oclock ~~ which is after my class and also today my last day to pass up for all my work .... yet , there's a prob with my assignment ~~ which is i cant pass up all my assignment and unfortunately i left 7 marks in order to pass that sub ..... so it brought me some PREASSURE know ...... so maybe of this ~~~ im getting down for today and moody ..... at 10 something ~~ we reach HAPPY VALLEY and we parked our car far away from the happy valley , its beacause the area is jamming ~~~ we start order our food and all and chit-chat around .... yet i really never expect that ~~ they have bought me a CAKE ! and when the time reach 12am ! which is the MARDEKA and also my bday ~~~ so by that time ~~~ they ready the cake and take it out ~~ the moment i saw the cake ! it is very NICE ! and i love the words there " 生日快乐 " which is very unique and beautiful =) and all the waiter and waitress and also the boss there were happy on looking at me this BDAY & MERDEKA BOY XD afteri've made a wish for it ~ and i blow off the 19 candles.....and the " nightmare " is begin !!! which they commented me to take up the candle with my mouth !! all of them asked me to do it ~~ but i dont ! cause im sure they will press me down to the cake !! ~~ as i know that the cake is so nice ! and also it looks tasty know !! yet 1 of my friend ask me to took a picture with the cake ~~~ but ! on that moment ~~ they keep force me to picked up with my mouth ~~ i just dont wan to spoiled the cake ~~ try imagine the cake if ur face got stack on it ~~ would u like to eat it ? ..... so i just dont want to spoil it ! .... yet ~~~ 2 of my friends we're try to play the cake but i think they are innocent .....and because of that ~~~ accidently ~~ the CAKE FALL on the floor !! oppppppssss !!! yet 1 of my friend still picked the cake and throw on me @_@ after that ~~ the chairs and all were FULL OF " CREAMY CAKE PIECES "...... so for the moment .... all peoples were like " FROST " including all the staff there ~~i looked around ~~ some of them with the " BIG MOUTH " expression and also " BIG EYE " too ~~~ after that all the staff there from the big smile emotion 360' degree change to become FIERCE gazing on us =.= ~~~ so .... all of us appologize to the staff there and pai seh .... yet ~~ on that moment .....i'm full of CREAMY CAKE from head to toe ...and the fireworks are exploding outside ~~ but all of us were hlp to clean up the chair and all ... and i went to toilet to clean off all the creamy ...... how terrible for this time ..... the pict of bday canot be taken and even the cake cant even get to taste of it ..... and we ends up the party just like that after we pay =.= ...... yet we still planning to go McD but there are full of PEOPLES ~~ so we went to 1 of my friend's house to chit-chat around ..... until 4 something and i reach home and bath .... after that now only im writing my blog here ...... this is gonna be the " WORST & UNFORGETABLE BDAY " ever for this year =.= aihhh ...... compare with last year ....... i realy happy for my last year bday ~~ i still remember clearly as well ....but for this time .... really worst .... it will be the last bday for 2 of my friends to cele with me for this year ..... nxt year they will go other country to continue their study im kinda appreciate for it .... even its a worst bday party =s .....

For what had happen for today's party ~~ its not that simple ..... there is more details and i feel real disappointed with it ...... yet i also dont want to mention here ~~~ cause i wish that ..... after this .....i'll start over all my NEW LIFE ! and change and be upgradable for myself .... i wan to have a good attitude .... so ~~ for what the bad inccident happen to me ~~ i'll just forget bout it ..... and i may know that ~~~ forget the past and move forward ~~ its the better way to cure off the wound.... peoples may not put sympathy on u for how worst ure ,what i need to do is just move FORWARD and strike for the better tomorrow =)

Little Sharing
no matter what had happen to you ... time is still running , peoples are still going on , no peoples would stop and put sympathy on you ..... so alll you have to to is .... KEEP IT UP and move forward ~~ dont stuck on it maybe something good will come to you , just dont stop and keep forward =)

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