Monday, June 25, 2007

3 Weeks are much better than 3 Years .....

What im going to mention above is .....3 weeks addicted in game rather than 3 years ~~~ last time ..... when i was in form 3 ~~ yeah ~~ THE FIRST ONLINE GAME ever .... "Ragnarok" which i spent totally 3 Years ~~ on the game ... and till now ~~ i know that ~~ it just a waste of time on speding 3 years Focusing on the game ~~ and negleted the study .... so ~~ it always remind me ..........3 years ~~ i gain alot from the game of Ragnarok ~~ yet i also lost alot from the games ..... as i choose to played game on that time ~~ so got bad result when i got in form 5 spm ..... yet ~~ come to this year ~~ now ...... a new game come to me again ... which is similar like RO does ~~ the best ever i hv seen =) ~~ which is Granado Espada =D ....i spent approximately 3 weeks on this game .... yet ~~ YEA ~~ it was pretty cool when i played it ~~ and i love this game so much .... somehow ~~ until today XD suddenly i feel like ~~ Boring with game ~~ while i got what i wan in the game ..... yet ~~ its not really as amazing as i thought this may really cause me feel fed up on the game XD ~~ for the first moment i got what i want in the game ... it was really COOL and i played for the whole day ~~ from day to night ~~ and just because of the several hours i've played ~~ and i got fed up for the game XD ~~ this may really want to thx god for awaken me up XD haha ..... cause suddenly ~~ when i feel fed up with the game ~~ and it remind me something which happen the case which is last time when the time i was in RO =) .... i found that ~~ it just the same with the case 3 years b4 ~~ but this 1 is consider good ~~ cause get awaken myself earlier =) ~~ yet ~~ this game is going to P2P " Pay To Play " ~~~ so it would be like last time what RO does ~~ maybe cost RM30+ for a month ~~ i think XD not sure ~~ but .... for now ~~ XD b4 i play until to the day i need to P2P ~~ i think its time bring out myself from the world XD if not ~~ i know i'll get in deeper like RO XD .... this game "GE " 3 weeks =) but RO 3 years XD ~~ so ~~ 3 weeks is better than 3 years haha ~~ this is what i meant =) so far ~~ i'm pretty sure this is a REAL NICE GAME i ever play =) ~~ good in everything ~~ its PERFECT ~~ yet ~~ its come out with ppls use " BOT " <> again XD ..... so which may really spoil the game .... haih ...... that's y ~~ it just like happen to me again like RO haha ~~ i duno y ~~ i just feel that ~~ Life is it keep Rolling back ? happen and happen again ?? XD ..... so as i know edi XD i think i gotta quit tis game soon kekek ..... b4 i really fall in deep on it XD ... anyhow atleast i got the teste of the game ~~ which is pretty nice =) ~~~ but i gonna give up on u XD eventhough i still " BLUR " with what i need to do in life or duno what should i do =s ..... im totally " BLUR " on my future path XD yet ~~ i've decided my way ..... but i met some block -_- ~~ so ~~ im taking a break ~~ and i'll continue my journey sooner =) ..... anyways ~~ =) thx for the shorthen time of 3 weeks to getting back my self XD ~~ so 3 Weeks is it better than 3 years ? XD .....

Yet i miss alot of things when i played the game ~~~ Miss on Doing my assignment !!! Going to Shopping , Watch Movie , Exercise , Meet Friends , Sing K and more .... but yet ~~ i still enjoy the proces XD cause i gain someting new again to me hehe =) eventhough just the shorten of 3 weeks =)

Little Sharing

不在乎天长地久 ~ 只在乎曾经拥有 =)
3 weeks on game that i like, its enough for me , as long as i enjoy the process =) " something that u hv try b4 its enough for u to memorise it along ~ as long as u tried and u get the feeling on it =) Same to those who are in 失恋 =) .... "

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