Friday, March 02, 2007


aihh long time didnt write a blog here ...anyways ~~ i did last time i tried to write a blog here but then pc was sux on tat time =.= !! when i finish the whole blog ? but then i cant publish it =.= and yet pc was sux because of low BATTERY with the power supply and also the virus ...tat's y it SUX !! wasted my time .... few hours i've wrote for the blog ...but in the end i cant publish it .....on tat moment i really wan to take out a BASEBALL STICK and whack hardly to my COMP !! -.- but nvm ~~ it past ....anyways ~~ what had happen for me these day are " I LOST MY SOUL ,i dont no how to explain about my feeling these day =.= it jus like ignore evrything @@ ?whenever hv something for me to do ..... i've no mood to do it ......even my homework ? and the most importand is i've no mood to GAMING too???? know myself is kind of GAME CRAZE -.- but hv no mood to play neither !! @@ really weird right ?what the hell happened for myself ? i really dont know .....i jus found tat .....i lost my soul @@? something like tat =.= and ....i've skip 3 day classes from this week ~~ cause im totally COLLAPSE WITH MY BRAIN @@ and cant think of anythings within tis week ...i duno what i wan to do .....sleep? .....i dont know ....but jus .....feel lik wan to watch TV only ? .....i spent 30 hour +++ for 1 drama ..... and i did watch it in my room from day until night ...and finally the drama had already finish ~~ but yet ....i still remain the same ...nth change .....what happen to myself? i really no idea with it =.="" !! where is my soul ? =.= ...... i hope tat i can take a break within tis week not going to coll and also other place =.= stay at home to recover myself ? find my soul -.-" cause im totally mising =.= !! and anyone know the way to cure it ? if ya =.= please let me know -.- ....

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