Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Malaysia - One Dream

Recently i was very busy again cause all my friends been came back to hometown because of Raya =) and this year ... i can totally feel the celebration of Raya ... cause I've been visited to some of my father's old friends house which they were Malay ^^ so been given a chance to visit their Open house for the first day "syawal" ? Hari Raya Aidilfitri =)

On that day my father's friend Iznin brought up some other old friends of her together for the Open house .... so there were Indian, Chinese and Malay totally 3 races together like i said " 1 Malaysia " haha ... well i was pretty enjoyed for that day and never forget about it for such a meaningful day for me ... i hope that it will have another time again for next year xD ....We've been visited to 2 houses... the first one we visited was Puan Aziza's house in Batu Gajah ... that was a Kampung House ... with a Wide / large garden also a big kampung house @_@ ... the most interesting thing was the CATS over there XD .... they reared total of 7 cats in their house ... and the 1 and only 1 which outstanding than the others was like the one below ....

you may thought that it is a little tiger ?? or a puppy ? but no LOL ... is a CAT @_@

his name " Richard " XD ... at first we thought that this cat was pregnant but it was not XD .... " He is obese " said by Puan Aziza's husband hahaha !!

After visited to Puan Aziza's house .... we went to another house which was Mariah's house ... she's a Chinese and married to a malay guy ^^ for all these friends of my father were actually worked as a nurse for last time and my father got to know them when he was a tour guide =) guided them for all the trips XD some of them has not met for like 20 years ago .... So, as for this visit ... i felt there's mixture of 2 cultures together ... where i can see some Chinese decoration and also Malay ... quite interesting, and this time ... this houses has more cats than the previous 1 ~~ where they have 10 CATS !! haha ...can u imagine that ? haha ...

Photo of the cat yang yang and Puan Mariah's husband Ismal ...

So my father's have some small talked with his friend and also we ate some Malay tradision food there ... Lemang, Rendang, Serunding, fried bee hon and all and we finish at 3pm .... that was such an unforgetable day + meaningful day for me ^^ enjoyed it very much =)

Random photo for Hari Raya =)

After that something to share with you here ~~ What's more @_@ !?

TADAAAAA !!! another flight model ^_^ ... and this time the large 1 !! thx for my friend Kynki who bought me this as my bday present ^^ appreciate it very much =D

It's a MAS B747 Hibiscus flight !!!!!!! which is my favourite 1 ^_^ !!!!!!!!

Current 3 Models that i have now all B747 ^_^ so happy ~~ hehe ....

Last but not least, for my previous post as i mentioned that i've 2 choices where i choose either London or Cabin Crew... and my decision i've been decided that i'll try out for the Cabin Crew first ... and London will be my second choice after ... then another good news is .... soon there will be an walk-in interview for MAS on 10th for steward =) ...i'm glad to heard that from my friend ~~~ thx Nic to informed me earlier also Chris for the information =D ... so as now ... i've counted that i still left 12 days to go for it .... so i must prepare everything and make my Dream Come True ^^ i'll cheer up for that =) !!!


suituapui said...

Interview on the 1oth. Good luck, Van... I pray for you, hope that your dream will come true. Wishing you lots and lots of luck!!!

suituapui said...

P.S. I also had a post on 1Malaysia for Raya - Seiring sejalan...and another post on my Raya visits. You never drop by to comment anymore? Sob! Sob!

Anonymous said...

Yup Yup... interview is on the 10th and I wish you all the very best!

Oh the Hibiscus livery B747... I took that when I flew to London on 31 August 2007. National Day, by the way. Haha.

Ivan said...

Suituapui : Thx you very much ^_^ yea ... will try on my best to achieve that ^_^" ohh =x recently got a lot of activities outside XD that's why XD soli soli haha ... will visit to your blog soon ^_^

D : yea Thx ^^ ~~ yo! ~ ure freaking lucky huh ? =s ... you know this plane is only have 2 in MAS...i wish to see that everytime i went to KLIA ... but have no luck to bump on it... i love this plane very much ^_^

Anonymous said...

Yeah... but the interior is no different than other MAS B747 planes la. LOL.

You know, there is another B777-200ER "Freedom Of Space" livery? The theme is blue. Very nice also. I saw that plane when I was in Adelaide airport in July 2007. Hehe.

So when are you coming to KL for the big day? Dress up nicely, wear a suit, and appear confident and pleasant. Remember to keep smiling, hehe :)

"Ku-ru" said...

ahhahaha hope u like the plane laaaa...kekekekek


OMG~ tat cat is so a garfield~

Ivan said...

D : Yes yes i know ~~ that 1 is more RARE @_@ it just only 1 !!! other than the name " Freedom of space " it also called as a " Blue Heliconia Leaf " as i research on internet last time XD .... but i never met all these flight before !!! =O !!!! ure so so lucky =s .... by next week 8th i'll be going to KL =) ... yea thx for the tips ^_^ !!!

"Kur-ru" : yea yea !! tq very muchie mommy XD ...

L² : Yea !! XD ....

suituapui said...

It might help to know all the MAS destinations and where they are - They asked me (many many years ago - 70s) where Long Sheridan is... Didn't know it was in Sarawak - one of the rural destinations in those days.

Dress got class one, not punk... Guess you know what to do! LOL!!!

Chris said...

All the best 4 ur interview ya..

Ivan said...

suituapui : yes yes XD TQ =D will do on my best !!! =)

Chris : yeap =) thx for the wishes .. i'll do my my best =)

Leon Koh said...

like your blog, but no more updates?

Ivan said...

Leon Koh : wants to update but recently am busy preparing for my interview stuff plus something else... So i'll hold tis for awhile, maybe after my interview first... Thx for reading on my blog though haha...

Anonymous said...

Your dream career is being a steward? Aim higher! Why not become a pilot? Much better isn't it?

I support you!!!

Ivan said...

Anonymous : I hope i can be a pilot as well XD but the fact telling me that my i can't reach the requirement =) thx for your comment + reading anyway ^_^

J2Kfm said...

how cute! the cat ... surely it can;t even get up and run around.
i still rmbr in S;pore, the stray cats everywhere were so FAT!
begged to be stroked.

施淑萍 said...