Saturday, September 05, 2009

Unexpected Surprise Trip !?

Since last 2 month i was actually found a forum and with a post mentioned, there was a 1 day intensive course for Cabin Crew... so i was so interested to join in this class ... and i emailed to them for more info ... yet they told me that the class will be held on August ... but within the whole month of August ... i didn't receive any email about the location from em ... so i was actually gave up about this 1 day course... but suddenly on early of Sept in the morning ... i was received a call by someone name " Iwin " he is actually i think a Business manager from this course ... so then he asked me to go for the class on 2th of Sept... so after i took all the off days from my workplace ...and guess what !? i received another called from Iwin ... he told me that the class been postponed to SATURDAY .... so then i was like... " MAD " actually ... cause i took off day on Tues,Wed and Thurs actually ... and know I've to take off day again for SAT .... but lucky that my shift supervisor is kind enough to make that day for me to be an OFF-DAY.... so on Friday ... 4th i took bus with my mom to go KL also attend the course on the next day ...

Before the class ... when i reach KL ... after dinner ... my father brought me to the destination of the class of the next day to confirm the location... after we've found the place and i sms Iwin to confirm for the avenue .... and i got another SMS .... he said " ohh sorry the class is FULL for tomorrow and asked me to come again on next WED " for that moment !! i was really SPEECHLESS !! ..... for first time he told me the class on WED ... and he change to SAT ... after that he told me that this time the class was FULL @_@ ... i asked him to add just 1 more people also can't make it ?.. he said sorry and he said if i come on next WED again ... he will treat me a DINNER @_@ .... i was fully STUNNED for that moment ... I'm all the way from IPOH to KL ... sacrifices my Saturday working day !! < actually SAT i've really a good hours to work also not closing, which means i don't need to close for the shop no CLEANING TASK > and i got this !! how do you feel if u were me !? .... without a doubt !! i ignore his phone + sms .... till the next day morning 5th .... i replied him that i was really disappointed with this course been postponed for so many time !!! .... after that ... make up my mind to go Genting with my parents after all.... which actually my parents' plan, they will go to genting while i attend the class ... and when the class finish at 5pm, they will go take me and back to IPOH ... but things change ... so i followed my parents to Genting this morning....

It's the third time for last 2 month i went to Genting Highland.... actually i do enjoy the cool environment there ... plus a lot to entertain !! can shopping there also with some beautiful places ...not like Cameron Highland ... has no entertainment at all =s ... so for this trip ...i suggested to my father to take Cable Car while we're in Gotong Jaya =D .... so then he also agreed to do so ... bought a few cable car ticket going up with the cable car =D .. it's been quite long i never take cable car as well haha ... so take my time to enjoy on the cable car =)

... it took around 15min to reach on the highland cable car station, after that straight away went to Casino with my parents ~~ this time i reached 21 !! i can enter to the Casino Legally !!! XD ... the feeling quite " Syiok " when the guard asked to check on my Ic =D i reach 21 for just past 5 days HAHAHA .... after that went into the Casino and follow my parents ... they played Roulette ... for this time i just want collect points to change my current genting card to green card to redeem for a free room !!... but i didn't really play, i just see how my parents play XD ... after 1 hours gone ... i clocked out my card then i got 2.45 point after haha ... but didn't change to green card yet ... cause after change to green card there will be an expire day to redeem for a free room ... so just wait until the time i want to go genting again only i change it to green card also book the room XD ....

After I've clocked out ... and what ?... of course i went to my second place XD ... Starbucks XD haha ... have some high-tea there with my parents ...after that they went back to Casino continue their " GAMES " lol .... for this time didn't brought up my laptop or any magazine, book ... thought of spent my time there for just sit and look around !! but the Busy-body of myself can't really be just sit there for the rest of 3 hours !! so then started with some Newspaper from outside ... then play facebook via my phone =s ... but in the end still insisted myself to chat with the partners over there haha ... got to know some new partners ~~ 1 of them still remember me that last time i went there with my laptop at night haha ... this time got to know their Store Manager " Lisa " .... she's friendly ~ also brought me in conversation with some regular customer over there ... so i got to know a few more new friends there XD ... really enjoyed very much for the time chit-chating with em ... so time past 2 hours left 1 hours ... so then decided to have a walk in First World ... so all the way i was listening to my iPod and just walk around ~~ that was so so interesting to do something like this haha ... enjoyed that very much !! .... so after that 5pm ... parents called me to meet them on the Cable Car station ... and going back to Ipoh .... so that's the trip =D !!

Still not until the ending yet !! XD ... when i reach there ... there have some Tourist Shop in the Cable Car building ... and know i found something !! which is those flight Model !!! i saw a MAS flight model !! so then told my father i want it haha since he won $$ in Casino XD ... then he bought this model to me !!

a B747-400 Model !! That's simple gorgeous !! love it so much HAHAHA !! Thanks to my Dad as well !! actually i saw another one a " Hibiscus B747 " that's my favourite !!! which bigger than this ... also costly than this haha i told my father next time if he won $$ again ... then only buy for me ~~ haha ... hopefully it still there next time =)

That was such an AMAZING trip haha ... actually before i go Genting ... was thinking how i going to spend my time in Genting without Laptop, Book, Magazine !!! but i kept my positive thinking ~ even i thrown away the stupid incident happened to me ... and guess what ~~ i got an Interesting Trip and i got a Gift !! Thx for " The Secret " so so Happy ^_^ ... ok gotta sleep now ~~~ few hours later have to go for my JAP class !! so ... gud nite bloggers =) .... thx for reading as well ^_^ have a wonderful Sunday !!! Enjoy !!


Jöey™ said...

im glad that you're happy =D
u sure love ur *mas product* so so much ler =p

kenwooi said...

going to genting highlands is fun! =D

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the many obstacles you have to face to attend that damn class! The organiser is somehow irresponsible, I would say.

Nice B747 model! I wanna get one as well...

Ivan said...

Jöey™ : yea ~~ Definitely a big " YES " !! love MAS !!! ^^

kenwooi : yea =) thx for visited to my blog ^^ ... know ~~ my parents told me will go again by tomorrow @_@ ... so maybe will go again hahaha .... this time will bring my stuff =)

D : haha ... just forget about it =) if i attended to the course ... maybe i can't get this B747 XD everything is all about fate + destiny ^^ yea ~ I'm sure u'll get urs too once u want it ~ sure u'll get it ^^

leong soon said...

Haha, so that's why you were in Genting all of a sudden, nice plane model btw!

I don't know, but that cabin crew course, I wouldn't join it, those people are supposed to educate and they cannot even keep time?

Vin vin said...

even though u din attend the class, but u do gain alot from thr~ haha!
ady 21 can in casino ady~ y don u have a play ? normally first timer will win alots~ dunno y...
i'm not really interested vf flight models, but is nice tat u get the one u love^^

Ivan said...

leong soon : yea yea !! love the model !! trying to collect all of it !!! =D u collects all the car's model and i collect all the Flight model HAHAHA .... got grandpa got grandson LOL same interest in collecting XD .... yea bout the class ... i don't really want to go anymore ... it sux =s ... how i the third time i go again ... they said sorry we postpone again @_@ .... so ... i rather give up =s ...

Vin vin : LOL this is not the first time i went into the Casino LOL ... b4 i reach 21 ... been entered quite a few time ... but just ... has no interest to play ... maybe i've no money LOL !!

发白日梦^^ said...

wah..if i was u,i will very angry on tat Iwin!!definitely i will scold him til cry and beg me stop it!!hahahaha...quite devil><

but u oso can take tis
opportunity take a good rest and enjoy ur vacation as well!!

im oso long time didnt go genting,but quite boring to visit thr sometime,cuz last time i hav been thr workin for a long time!!

when will u come kl oh??

ღ cläirε *茹*ღ said...

tat kiNd of Irresponsible ppl~ is cant believe laR~ Juz 4get about it laR~ At last u oso happy o~ d airplant model is nice ^^

Ivan said...

发白日梦^^ : haha tot of to SCOLD him also actually ... but well ... just calm down myself ... so i didn't hahah orh u work in GENTING b4 @_@ ???? croupier??? KL ? haha ... maybe when i hv interview that time gua hahah worry we shall meet for sure XD

ღ cläirε *茹*ღ : yea yea ^^ been forgotten XD ... yea i love the B747 so much ^^

eugene said...

Go pursue your dream. bro.

fly high,,, take care now

savante said...

Glad you're liking MAS! Perhaps you could start collection of planes from the different airlines!

suituapui said...

Aiyor...what horrible place is that? So you didn't go for the class in the end? Is it a must? As long as you are friendly, polite, pleasant and responsible, that should be more than enough already. Of course, you have your good looks, your experience in the service industry...and you're learning Japanese (Don't be lazy now!)...and do brush up your English! You'll be fine...when they call for interviews!

Ivan said...

eugene : thx =) will try on my best =)

savante : will start to collect all the MAS model first XD ... also waiting for the MAS A380 now !! can't wait !! XD... and ya welcome to my blog ^^ thx for reading.

suituapui : actually it's not compulsory to go, i want to go there because want to know more info bout the interview and things only ... it doesn't matter actually ... just i have to fully prepare for it ~~ =) I'm ready ^^

reanaclaire said...

Hi Ivan.. came here via STP's blog, read that u r from IPOH too, he was supposed to come IPOH to meet up with u and I, (i suppose but somehow tak jadi) so i was wondering who Ivan he mentioned and out of curiousity, i came by yr blog to look see, look see..ha ha ... glad to know another ipoh blogger here, gonna add u up in my blogroll when i go home this evening.. (my office blocked the profile blogger!)

Ivan said...

reanaclaire : wow ^_^ nice on getting to know ipoh blogger as well ^^ ohhh yea lo ~ tak jadi =s sad sad .... i told him next time visit him on his hometown XD ... glad to know you as well ^^ u're another Claire XD ... i read on your blog ...u have almost the same blog like STP !!? all FOOOOODS !! hahaha but nice though ~~ i saw the " Hong Kee Mah Chee " !! it near my house lor !! XD anyway ^^ thx for reading to my blog ~~ i'll link you as well XD

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