Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 Directions .....

After received a called from my friend who stayed in London ..... he suggested me to work in London ... i can't really sleep for whole night .... cause from all the while .... I've only 1 direction to go .... and suddenly ... after listened to my friend said that staying in London while working there is quite not bad .... so actually been thinking of it though .... and these way i was actually thinking how my future will be as well .... also if i failed to get to be cabin crew ... what's my next plan?? .... honesty i never thought of it until my friend told me this ....

So what happened to me was .... actually I've been been spent for the whole night on thinking whether i should go London work + explore FIRST ...or just pursue for my dream career FIRST ? .... this is really a hard decision for me .... but in the end still have to depends on my parents .... i should've to ask them first .... if i really go for my dream career and if it succeed ... then I'll start my life as a cabin crew and collecting $$$ + travel around the world .... on the other hand ... been thinking to work in London first to explore + gain more experiences and maybe it'd has some changes for my life.... i just don't know how ... that's why I'm stuck here for whole night ~~~

At 5am .... suddenly i made up my mind to online since i can't sleep .... so i look for peoples who haven't sleep for some advise .... and lucky + gratefully i found someone who recently moved himself from Malaysia to US now ....his been an Online game's friend of mine where we know each other through online game few years back ... and guess what ?? we're really change XD .... last time we used to discussed about the Strategy on the game and we're a guild mate last time haha ... but never know ... now we discussed about our future haha ... this shows that we already change haha ... yet I asked him for the above matter where i mentioned up there.....

and his advise to me was .... " Go explore outside the world first since you have the chance + still young... maybe u find something different and this might change you ~ or if i still insist with my dream job ~~ so then 2 years after only come back to Malaysia to get the job the airline wont RUN " he said.... so this is what he told me ...

Whereas I've another friend who told me this ... " Since your decision been made .... why don't you have a try on airline job first .... if you failed ... then only you think about London ... to be your second choice.... "

Actually both of them has given me a really good decision .... after this ... i hesitated again and again ..... i just don't know when does MAS will hire peoples since the economy like now doesn't seems this airline will hire peoples though ....and i don' know how long i still have to wait for it ~~~ sigh .... or maybe i go for what my US friend told me ... " Explore outside the world first .... then only decide again ? " .... if i choose to go London .... I'll be there for like 2 years ... so then another 2 years will gone up there .... and i'll be in 23 after ....

SO HOW @_@ ? ..... comment please >_<" !!!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... that's a tough decision. Well, first of all, if you work in London, what kind of work will that be? I know Starbucks there pays quite well, I think £5.65 per hour.

If you work in London, you'll have the chance to travel around Europe too, cos travelling to Europe from there is relatively cheaper (but I wouldn't say it is very cheap, one trip still might cost you £300).

The economy this year is bad so MAS probably won't hire. Recruitment might start next year.

One thing you need to know if you join MAS is that, for the first 2 years, you'll normally do only domestic flights (you're a narrow body crew). After 2 years or maybe less than that, only you'll be promoted to a wide body crew, and your salary will increase by then since you'll be doing long haul flights.

London is a nice place to stay. Lots of entertainment, summer sales is great, weather... well, not to nice, haha. But the living cost there is expensive so you must know how to save if you're working there. Eating out is more expensive than cooking. And you'll feel homesick during winter.

Maybe you can consider applying for a working holiday visa. It is for 2 years, you work for 1 year (it need not be continuous) and travel for the other year. Go enquire more about it cos I am really not sure about the requirements etc etc. You can go to UK Visas website to check it out.

Well, ultimately it depends on yourself. But I wouldn't mind working in London for some time since you are still young and adventurous. If you decided to wait until the MAS recruitment comes, there is nothing wrong with it either. Remember, each decision has its pros and cons.

Good luck and let us know your decision!

Jöey™ said...
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Jöey™ said...

yupe...since u already yea...stick to it...don change it anymore =)

Ivan said...

D : well... I've asked my parents about it =) ... and they said i go London if only MAS not pick me hahaha ..... so ... i just wait while preparing for the interview plus read more about coffee before i go London to work as a Barista ~~ i think this is the best decision ? XD ... anyway u know a lot about London ? haha i think u have been studied there rite .... so =) ... do you have MSN ? wish to add you to ask you more about London hahaha since you've experience about that =D ... thx for your very GOOD comment to me ^_^ appreciate so much =D .... hope to hear from you soon =)

Jöey™ : yeap .. guess so =)

ashley said...

ivan, this is a very tough decision for u, even me right now. struggling of the age matter~~ i have no idea of my graduation.

just remember, life is tough! but,,,if u work hard, u create ur own luck. u can be successful in either way.


Chris said...

Hmm... Working in London is not a bad idea, but 1st of all, what u 1 2 work in London.If u r working in those chinese restaurant at ChinaTown, the work load will kill u~ BUt if u r working in office or so called white collar job, then it will be different cos they pay u well.. And the wellfare r good too..

Hmm... Recently I also dunno when MAS will have recruitment cos the economy is bad, so do other airlines as well.. But new aircraft 737-800 will start deliver from next year, and A380 will be coming in 2011, so i think MAS may need a lot of crews to operate the aircraft, so if u join MAS by next year, u will be operate those aircraft as well. From what i heard, these aircrafts will replace all 737-400 n cover all the domaestics, South East Asia, India, China and Australia's routes and u will need to operate Airbus 330 as well which will fly to Middle East such as Dubai, Istanbul, Jeddah, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Male, Colombo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Perth etc..

These are the info i gather for u so far, will update more for u if i got the latest news. Meanwhile, juz think abt it cos the decision is urs. ;)

Steven said...

To D,
I think u quite known about London, they really pay £5.65 per hour.

To Ivan,
i don't think London got a lot of entertainment, but the summer sales is quite good, i think. Besides, travelling to Europe really cheaper than from Malaysia. Now I have to plan where should i go for holiday and the budget.

Hope to see u here

Ivan said...

ashley : yea tough decision ... but i think i would apply for my Visa first ... probably will go London first .... 2 years later only i think about it again =) just hold for my dream =) u take care ya ... keep in touch =) ...

Chris : thx for your comment bro =P ... ermm will work back as a Barista over there i think... maybe Starbucks or other cafe ...ohh u mean MAS will replace all the 737-400 to 737-800 =O then will have to serve more seats then hahah ... anyway good infor ^^ and i hope to see A380 soon for MAS haha ..... thx a lot yea =)

Steven : you better wait for me only u go for travel around HAHAHAA !! u really want to see me here @_@ ?? sure or not HAHAHA i thought u'd said " AFTER YOUR VISA APPROVED ONLY TALK TO ME AGAIN " :P haha anyway yea will try my best to get Visa asap then come lor =P

Anonymous said...

They pay really well there but cost of living is also very high... Jobs for such "unskilled labour" are always available overseas but the future prospect and security may not be so good...unless you plan ahead. Work and save a lot of money, come home and open your own cafe or something.

I know of a man from China who used to clean houses in Melbourne. He did his job well and people told their friends, his business became very good - worked hard and earned a lot. Then he started bringing in helpers from China - now he owns a big cleaning firm and his employees do all the work...

Ivan said...

suituapui : yea future prospect and security =) actually i did hesitated for few days ... for long terms it's better to choose " Cabin Crew " cause it's still a stable job and like what you said " Future Prospect ".... i not sure what will going to happen in London ~ whether i can suit myself in or not ... but well ... I've think properly ...i shouldn't give up so easily on my dream career from all the way until now ... maybe i just take London as my second choice only if i failed to get into MAS =) ... patient and wait for the interview while working in Starbucks in Ipoh ^^ Thx for your comment =D appreciate it =)

Jacqueline said...

Hey, I'm currently pursuing my studies in Ireland. Well, I have been to London and I can tell you that the cost of living is extremely high. If you are nt earning much, you might need to stay in some cheaper areas like Eltham. No doubts you can travel to many places which I am doing right nw. Its my dream to tour the whole Europe by nxt two years. Anyway, just want to let you know that places like Dublin in Ireland, Warwick in UK, etc have much lower living cost eventhough you might earn less. But you will definitely save more money for travelling. Consider mainland of Europe as well like Murnich or Berlin. Its in the mainland of Europe which makes travelling easier. And you can take the train from one country to another..

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