Sunday, October 11, 2009

MAS ~ my first time interview ...

Finally, I've gone through the interview, but it was a bad news...eventhough I didn't really get selected by MAS, but I was quite enjoyed the process of it and also get to meet a lot of new fren there...but I've forgot to ask their contact number or facebook or email, too bad... So as for this interview I was just passed the first round, I doubt that I'm really nervous as this my first time interview, maybe I really need to specific myself more, cause I think I'm not fully intro myself to the interviewer cause I was actually interupted by em, they asked me some question while I'm giving my self introduction and I was lost! Cause I've put myself in their question and I've forgot that I was actually doing self introduction but not carry on their topic and ends up with nothing 'does it a trap'? =( ... So this the careless mistake I made as I noticed... Another thing was... "nervous" ...just can't stopped shaking while I was presenting myself and I just cannot smile naturally, So I think with all these weaknesses that's the reason why I think I'm not the choosen one... To be hoest I'm quite disappointed with my performance overall to say that... But on the other hand I've gain a lot after this, I must do it better for my next interview, just I feel pathetic... Cause I've lost this opportunity and I just don't know when will MAS conduct an interview again sadly...I've to wait again... =(

Photo of the group as I think we're the most enjoyable compare with other team, but too suprised that 6 of us got no one can go for the next stage... Anyway nice to meet all of u Faiz, Ben, and the rest I've no idea for your name... And there's another one where his not in the pict =) but I know him previously and just coincidence we entered to the same room haha Mr. Thong!!

Overall for this interview I think MAS doesn't pick a lot of people due to the economy now, perhaps they will have another interview again next year when their new flight boing 737-800 arrive. Well I just hope for the best for the next interview now or maybe i'll look for other airline instead of just waiting .... =( but well haha really hope that i can join in MAS still =(

Let me share what's going on that day haha XD ...

First .... 7.30am i've reach there and u can see there's already long QUEUE from the main entrance eventhough i thought I'm the early one...

After that when 8 o'clock ~ everyone will be given a Registeration form with number, and I get the number 84, then you have to filled up your form and also 1 passport photo needed ...

After that they will start follow ur number and ask for height / weight meassurement after that will go on the reception and register for yourself ... checked on your certs and all ~~ those who are not qualify for all these or forget to bring their certificate or certified certificate will have a FAREWELL to them @_@ ... from here i saw a lot of peoples turning back to the entrance ~ been filted out =s ... after that... will sending to a big HALL ... and they give me another application form ... where you have to fill up your infor again ... ur academic ... ur school , history of working and all =s ....

Then only you will be called for the first stage interview...

While waiting for the interview .... took a photo where everyone were waiting there ... some were sad when they came out from the room ... some with confident some so nervous =s ... I'm quite relax for that time =x maybe over relax ? LOL ...

After the interview ... then will be send back to the hall which looks like the photo below and wait for them to call you for the result...

So i was up till here so far .... was disqualify by em after the interview ... those who sucess will have to go for second stage for grooming check and wait for tomorrow for the second interview and the third ... That's all for the interview =)


Jöey™ said...

its gain alot of experience also throught this interview. It will be a very precious experience for your better future ^^

Gambateh neh! ^^

Anonymous said...

Yup. This experience counts and the next time, you'll know what is expected of you, and you'll know what to do and what to avoid.

Don't be discouraged ok. You still have plenty of opportunities!

Ivan said...

Jöey™ : yes yes ^_^ i'll never give up =) ... and i must do better for the next interview =)

D : yes yes ^_^ thx Derrick =) i will do it better =)

Vin vin said...

Is ok~ important is the nice experience~
too bad u din get their contact, gud to know more frens~ ^^


u can try singapore airline... :) or maybe another time... dun give up ok?

btw, u look smart in those suit... hot!!!

Ivan said...

Vin vin : yes ... now i have the experince ... hopefully in the next interview i can do it well =)

L²: haha yea will try others airline now =) thx for your compliment ^_^"

Chris said...

Don't give up.. many ppl tried few times then only can get in..

发白日梦^^ said...

don't give up!!this year fail,not mean next year you won't success!!good luck!!be practice how to answer the interview have to do some research before you go to the next interview!!!take it as a lesson.and make a good come back on next year!!

Leon Koh said...

can try again for the next round!

Ivan said...

Chris, 发白日梦^^, Leon Koh : yes yes XD ... never thought of give up =D ... happy to see all these comment from you guys ^^ i'll cheer up !! =D

suituapui said...

Your first time....of course, nervous. Next time, you more or less know what they are going to ask. Prepare the text, learn and practise... You will be more confident when you are better prepared. Can always email me and I can help you to prepare the things that you can say... Also, make a suit! Look more formal... More impressive! And no spiky hair! LOL!!!

Ivan said...

suituapui : haha thx for all ur infor ^^ i need more confident to do that =) ... will keep on practice =)

Cath J said...

All the best... woww.. the interview looks... ermm... scary?? heheheh

ladyviral said...

you're a MAS pilot wanna be?

don't give up :). it isn't all that hard.. just need the right opportunity :).

oh I came from reanaclaire's blo hehee :)

Medie007 said...

wow. at least u've got the experience there. i've got a friend who was applying for pilot for so many years as well, then finally he got interview with SIA, but only managed to go for 2nd round interview. poor lad, he was so keen to become a pilot.

anyways, don't despair! :D all the best to you!

came across from reanaclaire's :D

Ivan said...

Cath J : lol ... ermm not really la XD but with the situation " Crowd " !! can make quite " Nervous " =x anyway ... that's my first experience ... so ... will take it and try to improve for the next ^^ u from Claire's blog as well huh ? @_@

ladyviral : not pilot but Cabin Crew XD ... pilot was my dream career but i think i couldn't achieve that with my poor result haha ... anyway will try on cabin crew =) thx for the visit =D

Medie007 : wow from Claire's blog as well huh !!? what happen on her blog @_@ why everyone jumping to my blog after this hahaha will go and see what she wrote =x hehe ... actually the interview was Cabin Crew ... xD but everyone like misunderstanding that @_@ ? anyway thx for your support ~~ will keep trying !! ^^

MANY THX for the VISIT guys ^^ will visit yours when i've free time ^_^"

reanaclaire said...

hi Ivan.. all the best to your career, hope u will achieve what u wish for... take this as a stepping stone, then u will be not so overly relaxed (nervous) next time.. hahaa..

do reactivate yr blog..i m sure more will come by.. they want to know more of ivan, the young handsome lad from IPOH.. :p

Chris said...

U welcome. :)

kenwooi said...

so you're a pilot? that's so cool..
i heard from my friends that getting into MAS is not easy.. too many applicants and only the few BEST will be selected... right?

anyway, good luck and all the best in your future undertakings ya! =)

Ivan said...

reanaclaire : thx for your comment ^_^ also thx for published my blog in ur blog =) yea will try to write something here soon ... been stopped quite long time ... should have to continue soon ^_^ anyway happy bday to you !!! =D

kenwooi : nope i'm not XD but im someone who trying to strike to be a Cabin Crew now haha XD thx for your visit ^_^

Chris said...

No update? Busy?

Ivan said...

Chris : hmm.. Can say so haha... Well will update soon XD I promise this time haha...

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