Wednesday, August 09, 2006


aihh... ~_~ today skip my class ler ....didnt went to Coll .......ermmm how to said ... mid nite of last nite ..... 1 am ~~ i fall to slept edi ....but then my sis came back from somewhere and she CHIT CHAT with her friend for the whole night !!! ~~ awwww !!! within the whole night ~~ i really canot sleep well ......the most terrible was ... MY SIS OPEN THE WEB CAM AND POINT at my bed and let her friend see the way i sleep @@!!!! darm her ....really brainless =.= " all her friend look at my face when i slept -_- !!! and morning tat time its more terrible !! they chat from mid night (actually is morning 2 till 8 am then went to ate " DIM SUM " ....after tat came back our house and they entered to my bed room !!! ARHHHH !!! really shock to see them when i was still with a sweet dream ~~ when the first i open my eyes ~~ then i saw them !!! i was shocked how could they so early to come here !! ~_~" what the ....after tat ...morning ~~~ 9 am something ~~ went to my friend's house (Sxxx Pxxxx) ~~ firstly ~~ tot we went to coll on 10 ~~ but then ... we chit chat there till 11.30 ++ edi ~~ gosh ~~ the class end in 1 oclock ~~ so then ...we plan not to go to the class edi , so then we continue our conversation until 12 something ~~ then started hungry edi ......then we plan to cooked in my friend's house ~_~" then cook the instant noodles for our lunch, but then we went out to bought some meat's and hot dog to add in the noodles for more tasty .....after tat we cooked the noodles and we fried the meat's and also the hot dogs ....and we made too much edi ....firstly we still vry hungry ~~ said tat we can finish all of it ....but in the end ~~ we cant finish the hot dogs and the meat's =.=....and then had left for her maid to eat it ~_~ .....finish our lunch ~~ tat's around 2 something ....then they said wanna to watched the ermmm i duno call what edi the piggy " MC DULL " ....after tat they all not really enjoy the video 1 ....they all hv slept and left for myself to watched the video till the end =.=" it was boring !! =.= ~~ after tat went to online awhile with her PC .....and found tat a new friend added me ~~ and hv a great chat with her .....till around 4 something ler ~~ the woke up and went some other place ~~ which is the slimming centre " MAY FAIR " ~_~ gosh ~~~ i hv no choice ~~ cause i followed my sis's car then decided to go with her all days long =.= .....they went to another slimming centre ~~ cause MAY FAIR was too expansive RM5k +++ !!!!!!=.= ~~ fine then ~~ we all go another slimming centre which is in the ECON SAVE there ... i duno the name of the shop....but the workers there were vry friendly and the price was consider cheap compare to the MAY FAIR -_- here only RM 100 +++ only~~ so then i think they hv decided to go tis slimming centre for slim programe in nxt FRI =.= .... after tat hv some break time ( tea time ) on ground floor and then after finish ...jus back home ~~~

COOL ????? my whole days ....jus spent on with all of them ....... from here ... found tat i really like unfreedom to follow them .....but with all of them ....its a little of fun too ...cause can go evrywhere i wan ....but ~~ for what i think ~~ it is jus wasting the time ...... if i get my P license ....i hope tat i can drive to coll by myself .....i wish tat i can attend all the class as well ......i always thinks tat i follow my sis will become a bad habit with her !!! ....i duno ... im not saying that all is not my false .....sometimes i also felt that i dun wan to go coll also .....cause of what ? " SLOTHFUL "=.= ~~ my assignment got more edi ~~ cause last week homework also hvt done yet .....and bring it to tis week then tis week homework come again ....then all hvt done also .... Tuesday still went to watched MOVIE some more ~~~ .......arhhh i dun wan happen tis again ..... i dun wan to be so LAZY ! -_____-" i must finish it as soon as posible ....if not it will be like last time ..... the assignment will become more and more ~_~ so gtg now ooo do my assignment b4 i sleep =( ~~ k good nite .......

( Hope tat i can get my freedom when i get my " P " license =) )


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