Sunday, April 22, 2007

Morning 6am @@ Someone house hahah XD
i was the first person on the field

Going to 7am 7.30am

hohoho !! i did it ~ XD ~~ jogging at 6am =) i did it .... ~~ so far ~~ quite happy with today's plan ~~ eventhough i didnt hv something tat i wan on jogging ~~ those ermm Armband .... and also the Sport Earphone as well ...yet ~~ i just try for the first jogging for today ~~and also take the chance for check out anything else i need to bring along when jogging or not then know that the sport earphone is necessary !! >< cause i cant jogging with tat just pull inside my ear tat earphone =.= cause my ear cannot hang well ......will always drop out for certain time =.= tat's y i really need tat so then i can be more enjoy with music haha =)

Today ~~ my i make a high wishes~~ which is i hope tat can run 10 round in 1 hour hahaha ~~~ tat can be too tough -____- but this is what i wish to do ......but then ~~ i failed XD ~~!!! so far ~~ i found tat my respiration had became WEAK edi !! omg -___- last time i can run for 3 round none stop ....but today =.=" !!! 2 round i already out of " GAS " -____- gosh ~~ how worst for my respiration then ~~~ think i can be hopeless for me to achive 10 round within 1 hour hahah ~~~ but then i still continue to ran then =) for the lowest requirement 5 round for me today just try on harder to put myself to go on .......yet i also found that ~~ i got "气喘" ..... aihh..... tis ilness hv been stop since form 1 when i got my badminton training ....but now ~~ i think ~~ i never exercise much~ tat's y ~~ i got it back again -.- ...... So i must continue on jogging everyday !! to cure it off !!! and of course build up a healthy body hehe =)

Lastly ~~~ just wan to remains the SPIRIT that i've got now =) hope tat i wont give up for what i have wish to do ~~ and even wont break my PROMISE for my own =)

Little Sharing =)
Something that you want to achieve is to depends on how much effort you have put on it. =)
一份耕耘 , 一份收获


Friday, April 20, 2007

Everything happen must hv the GOOD and the BAD =)

Tis pic i took it when i on the way to college
and in a heavy rain + CAR JAMMING !!

16th tat day ~~ i drove my car to college in the heavy rain, on the way ...i saw lot of the place get flooded with WATER @@ omg ... tat time ~~ saw lot of car "死火" on the road @@ its darm terrible know !!! know i also scared ... cause my car .... KANCIL nia !!! scare will 死火!!! ><>< !!! tat's y .....if really happen ~~ then darn =.= ..... as i know if i still not rush to college ~~ i going to late for the class =( i dont wan be the last person to enter the class ...... quite shame =.= cause everbody looking at me .... -____- " so after tat ~~ lucky i didnt got any bad inccident happen to me ~~ and reach college le =)

These day ~~~ going to push on myself to work on my plan =) ..... which is tis year CNY wishes i've made ...... " achive a Fit Body " =D now i need to wait for my mp3 first lor ~~ after tat ~~~ everyday ~~ i'll jogging and also do hard exercize to build up a fit Body and even a healthy look =) ...tis is what i plan to do with it .....and also take the chance to 排毒 !!! so then my face can be more better haha ...but now ~~~ my face had become more and more better edi =) yet first sure wan to thx u la my best friend SLEEPING BEAUTY !! XD cause intro ur " GOOD SISTER " to heal my face =D !! anyhow ~~ also wan to thx myself hahah cause i really put effort on it ~~ tat's y come out tis great result ~~ woo hooo =D !!! TQ TQ XD !!! THX everyone and also myself haha ~~~ yet ~~ coming soon ~~~ i've more challenge to face on =) so ~~ i must be cheer up for tat ..... even i going to end sem soon ~~ yet my work hvt finish all yet ~~~ now edi in RIVISION week ~~ but !!!!! i not even touch anything yet WUAHAHHA !! i also duno y i can be so wasted my time hahah ....but still left 1 week le =) so i think it wont be hv prob ~~?? i think i can chase after haha =) but ~~ now i'll plan nicely with my FUTURE PLAN !! so !!! RDY TO GO FOR IT !!! WUAHHAHA !!! so hope tat everyone stay support and cheer me up all the time !!! =P !! and also ~~~ U ALL MUST CHEER UP TOO !! =)

Little Sharing

Dont know when did i stated to prefer RAINING ?? ....whenever its going to rain ~~~ the sky will become Dark ~~ after while ~~ the drops of water will fall from the sky to the ground .....then got the sound DIK DIK DAK DAK ~~~ i just like tis kind of feeling and also the wind blow BREEZY ~~~ i feel comfort with tat ~~~ i look out from my house ..... i'll remind lot of thing.... from the past time till now ..... time really go on faster ........just like the rain drop from the sky ...... none stopping ~~~ yet i also remind something .....which i feel happy for my life ....and even lucky for tis life ,cause not everyone could hv as comfort as us ... cause when raining we hv a warm house to cover us ,but ~~~ in the other way some ppls not even hv a ROOF for them to hide while raining ....and some of the place dont hv even a drop of water fall from the sky ?? and everyday just suffer in the dry sun and starvation... so we're kinda lucky within other and i really feel happy & lucky tat in 今世 i can born in tis family ...i must grateful to god hv sent me here =) what i wan to share is "If you don’t treasure what you have now especially time, you will regret when it’s gone because time will never turn back! "

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Long Time No Blog edi .... Finally im Free to Blog haha ....

Hv been so long ! i never come here to post up something edi haha ... think today will be free for me to blog evrything which from the last post ..... last post was mention about that i went to my FIRST INTERVIEW ? .....but ya ~~~ unfortunately ~~ i've failed ..... too bad =s but tat day i gain something too of course hehe ...and 1 thing which is never happen to me b4 ~~ which was my DEAR LITTLE BROTHER KANCIL ...... tyer hv " BLOW UP " !! gosh ..... haha ...lucky tat i've a friend in my car which know to change tyre ~~ so then thing can be done easily with him ~~ if it only myself ? maybe i take few hours to do it ~~ lucky tat he hv experince with tat ~~ so then jus a few min ~~ then change the tyre edi ~~ =)

See !! how darm was it haha .... my friend was changing the tyre at the moment me and my friend were hving fun beside and i snaping some pic ? haha .... after finish then both of my friends posting haha then continue over journey to interview le =D......

Althought I've failed on the interview .....but i gain lot of things today ~~ and i know what i should improve so then .....nxt time wont do tat mistake again .....=)

Then few days ago ...... 1 of my friend was bday ~~ so then i plan to gave him a big suprise loo keke .... i still remember last year ~~ we're trying to gave him a suprise too ~~ but yet ~~~ he get noticed tat we gave him suprise and he spoil our plan !! -__- ~~ so tis time ~~~ wont be failed again haha ~~ as my friend have back from KL cele bday with him ~~~ so then plan edi tat we act tat i was quarrel with my friend which back from KL and had no bodys cele bday with him haha ..... only me will cele ~~ tis is what i plan to do on him in his bday ~~ tat day evrything going good XD and we did it ~~ relly gave him a big big suprise haha ... and he also said tat our ACTING is better than last time haha, he the one who get bluff on tis year haha .... really funny =) so then we choose Mc Donald cele his 20 year old Bday =D ....

These day i was quite happy .... nth for make me feel pressure and headache .... yet the new intake hv come ~~~ so then lot of newbie student hv join our art and design class too ~~ soon ~~~ hope to get to know all of them lor haha .... to be a GREAT SENIOR wuahahah ! ... anyway ~~~ i've just the same ~~~ always going on to my DREAM with STEP BY STEP =) i never give up with it ! i must improve evryday i could .... learn something DAY BY DAY =) .... just hope tat can sucess on my dream =) ..... i'll CHEER UP !! =) anyway thx for all my friend which hv support me for so long =) i'll 加油 !!!!