Monday, December 25, 2006

Nicel Memory =) and White Xmas -__-

as day b4 went to Pangkor Island with cauple of my friends ....quite happy with the trip le...satisfy .....the first day we jus rent motor and take a round in the island ...and bought some 海鲜 and then went to observe something they call 篮眼泪 something blue and shine at the beach at night .........then got a big rain though !! then all rush back to our motel and took bath le ....then play " DARE OR TRUE " in the room haha darm funny XD !! as all the things i jus remember it on mind XD since dun hv any camera to capture ...aihh wasted ~~ but keep in mind is the most importand haha ~~ then till another days morning plan to go watch sun rise =.= but then all sleep like a pig canot wake up XD so then we took breakfast .....and 10.30 we went snookling "duno spelling" on the other side of the island ~_~ what the !! the stone there dram sharp !!! when we went down to the water ~~ aww down on our feet jus like all spike =.= pain =.= but some how ....we all endure and keep going on =.= go to some where which is more deeper then we can float over the water ...and dont need to step on those spiky rock -___-"" but then .....1 of my friend ~~ she duno how to swim as well she was scary -___- so then she kept on push my hand -___- and darm it ~~ i get scartch from a stone -___- and hand get injure XD !! .....but after tat ...its truely danger ....and then we decide to go back to the sea-shore and we all stood there wait for the workers which sent us to tis "Rubbish and Dirty island " =.= gosh .....after few min =.= finally the worker came back and take us back to the actual beach =.= its more better than the stupid island jus now =.= here dun hv any sharpy rocks =.= we all play enjoy on here =.= rather than on the stupid island jus now =.= sigh ... somemore RM15 =s ~~~ lolx ~~ but nvm .....we quite enjoy la -___- aihh.....after tat ~~ 11.30pm we got back to motel bath and pack all the things began to leave there =s ~~ its really nice XD RM60 for the room with air con ~~ really nice ...plan to come back again nxt time XD!!! then we back to lumut around 2pm and took our lunch in some mamak " NASI ISKANDAR " ~~ ok le .....price was reasonable =) ....then we took some picture in lumut ~~ with HAND PHONE -___- lolx .....on my friends there XD hvt get pic yet =s ~~ but nth to show la XD .....then went back to Ipoh 4pm !!! but then reach ipoh at 6 pm !! what the !! the bus was sux !! not direct back to IPOH le !!! the bus pass through some kampung and also take some passenger also !! as i know first i enter the bus is comfortable !! but then more and more ppls until full !! then the bus become so hot inside !! some more from lumut to IPOH took us 2 hours !! deng !! stupid bus =.= ~~ aihh. ... as back to ipoh then after bath and dinner ~~ sleep directly after MSN chating awhile XD !!

Till today morning ~~~ woke up around 9.30 ~~ then feel not to go class XD haha lazy ~~ and today is Xmas eve ~~ then spend whole day in GAME haha RO =s ~~ played le =.= nth to do though .....then till 8pm ~~ jus wen out with friends for count down -___- as im late 9.30 jus went out -___- ~~ but when i reach my friend's house ~~ still wanna wait for her -___- for arond 1 hours ++ !!! what la =.= so then we went out around 11pm -____- as we reach Y2K ~~ its around 11.30 pm -____- so then lucky my tiny kancil ^^ can get a car slot easy ~~ cause small car ^^ keke my friend -___- another car ~~ canot find any car park slot ....and also hv some prob with them .....duno what happen now ...... then me and 2 of my friends count down infront of Y2k -____- tis year Xmas ~~ pass on like tat -___- after tat my friends which the other car 1 ....said something happen ~~ she wan back first -___- so then they go back le ...and me and 2 of my friends go Hallo Cafe hv some drinks le =) vry enjoy the place as well ...and tat cafe is open by my friend's auntie ~~ so then got some nice place to sit on to enjoy ppls singing there ~~~ there was 2 boys singing for today ....their voice quite nice =) ~~ as i enjoy the place vry vry much XD as my friend said ~~ i rather spend on time in here more than in Y2k those disco place ....i agree with her also XD !!! here is more better lor -___- after hv some drink ~~ then we end up there 2am ~~ then continue yum cha at Nasmir XD ~~ then chat chat chat le ....and now 4am back le ...then write blog till now 5am ~____~ another day sleep late again haha !! gosh !! sleep le !!

what i learn =) really alot within these few days =) nice ........ " let go something " and also some of the comment from friends =) take it =D !! rememeber on my mind !! save !! XD !! okok nite now ~~ 5am ~_~ sleep !! MORNING !! kakak ......

Friday, December 15, 2006

Full Day At Home =)

Today wake up early in the morning ~~ and yet ~~ actually today hv class ......and feel like not going le then continue sleep XD ~~~ after tat 12.30 wake up ~~ then went to brush up myself ......then take my breakfast + lunch haha ....consider lunch le .... ~~ after gettting of it ~~ spend edi 1 hours watching TV ler =.= watch the past drama in channel 34 " journey to the west " bla bla then watch edi 3 oclock went up stairs ~~ suddenly feel like wan to read books @@? lolx ~~ after tat .....took out the books which i bought when i was in form 4 haha its a about future ambition ~___~ since nth to read then read through tat book le ......haha hv been with me for few years edi tat book ~~ but i jus read cauple of pages only =S ~~ so read through the book le....but then when i look inisde the books -___- then feel sleepy le ....keke ~~ then of course i take a short nap lor =S till 5pm wake up XD haha then jus started to read the books ~~ really get alot of thing inside ~~ the book really nice to read =S ~~ keke since i found tat lof of things inside were meaningful ~~ so plan tat when i hv free time or when i hv the MOOD to read again jus read XD so i put a bookmark there haha ~~ but duno when i jus will read it again lolx ~~ after tat go friendster ~~ omg ~~ found tat @@ lot of testi @@ hvt reply -____- then i reply those testi le =.= if not will getting more and more lor =.= after tat .....till half way went down for my dinner =S ~~~ when the time hving dinner ~~ my mummy and grandpa back from Night Market ....and bought some junk food ~~~ after i ate those junky food ~~ then my mom also bought some CD there le those drama ~~ and found tat she buy a new drama tat hong kong 1 ~~ woo hoo then spend my time enjoy there le ~~ first of all we thought jus watch for fun lor =.= but the drama really intresting to watch on @@ so then watch watch watch until those ASTRO drama also skip haha what are we watching is "肥天喜事 " really intresting le then watch until 12.30 ler ~~ all of them gone up for sleep ....but i continue on it to watch for it until the first CD finish XD ~~ till epi 10 woohoo ...... then now jus come up and gonna sleep and now wrinting blog here le =)

But what i wan to mention is ~~ hermm actually today quite Lazy la ~~ assignment hvt finish ~~ somemore watch Drama until so late le ...actually tomorrow still wan to go coll to show my work to my lecturer see ~_~ but i hvt finish haha ~~ nvm la dun care about it =) ~~ jus sleep tightly today haha also ok what ~_~ for me not really waste time lor..... actually Drama really can learn something inside =) jus depends what u watch lor =.= ~~ somes are really good somes are really lame ~___~ " but found tat the drama i watch not bad what ..... at least i really get something from drama ..... i dont like to watch those drama like ermmm these day really popular 1 leh ~~ " 薇笑 Pasta " ermm those idol 1 le ....not really like to watch ~~ but somes story are really good ....but those drama canot learn anything lor ...most of it = love story =S ~~ keke duno ler ~~ jus .....think tat ~~ for a day i spend on .......i dun really hope tat i learn nth least i learn for a little bit thing for a day ~~~ tat's enough for me =) dont really wan to waste my time =) tis is what im think now =) so learn evrything is good =) keke ok le ~~ sleep now ~~ nite nite 3.30am =) nite =D

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nothing ~ But Funny To Take A Look At It =D "

haha ....nth to do ~~ when i take a look to my Pic ~ from the past till now really change alot XD .....keke .... watever ........really wan to thx my friend who alyways complaint me for tis and that ....and now really come out a good pakage for myself " I THINK " XD ~~ duno le ... jus if look at the first pic and the last pic really hv big diffrent XD !! anyways ~~ it shown times really can change evrything ~~ not only an appearance from a person ~~ and yet alot of things ~~ such as Love ? Friendship ? and alot more =) as i told my self least learn something for a day ...... dun be wasted ....evryday ...i'll try to think for myself hv learn about what ? i learn tat " 明天不一定会更好,但更好的明天一定会到来 " 凡事不要在乎付出多少 ~ 也别在乎有多少回报 ~ 去体会快乐与痛苦的过程 ~ 未来还有许多空白等你染上色彩 " i really appreciate tis sentense which my friend sent to me few days ago =) i know ......future on we still duno what will happen we know .....sometimes ~~ dun judge for it ...let it be what happen .....maybe u'll get more surprise from it ....if evyrthing u think it is nice .....and if thre result come out its not tat what u wan ....then maybe u'll feel sad about it .....if u didnt think of it .....1st u get the result which is bad ....then u jus get it as experince le ....dont be sad .... there are more ppls stand up from failure evryday ...... and strive for alive in ER room everday ..... so life & time ~~ are importand .....take it and appreciate it =)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Boring + Dreaming ~~

Nothing to in the whole afternoon , although friends asking me to go SUNWAY LOST WORLD to play ~~ but cause tonite needa go for my grandmom golden wedding ceremony so if i play with them surely till midnight also canot go back hoouse i rejected them =S ~~ for the whole afternoon while listening music .....then started to happen DAY DREAM XD....haha ~~ kinda funny to think of it =) when a person thinking something ~~ should be so wonderful and marvelous =) but ~~ all of it jus DREAMING of it HAHA !! i started to get to know myself like to think tis and that like to DREAM alot woo hoo HAHA ~~ cause its reall fun when u can imagine how wonderful ure in ur dream hahah !! ~~~ whenever im free ~~ or sometimes the place is silent ~~ i'll started to think ......think backforawrd something happen from last time till now ~~ what i've did ~~ ~~ mistake ~~ and even some others thing really prove tat .....ppls will change day by day ~~~ till now .....after i think for it ....i really change alot ......from the past till now =) happiness and Sadness =) alot keke ...... but all edi past lor .......really happy for evryhing i've done ....even something happen to me make me so PAI SEH haha but its really a great experince XD ~~

now ~~ i've edi 18 ~~ thinking of my future can i achive the things i wan =) so doing tat step by setp ....... i can realize tat .....times really can turn everythings ..... know tat how reality tis world are when u step out to work ......all these ...i did get it ppls said "在这社会里,千万别锋茫太露;越显得有用的人就会被装没用的人利用;明争暗斗,是是非非;懂得保护自己,最后胜利的才是自己。" i also trust on tis ~~ cause ....its really true from the sentence from drama ......tis world are reality ......not even tis ....i also learn tat “人总是在伤害中才学会思考 " is it ? .....never get hurt from experince ....wont appreciate everythings ...... ~~ evry of tis ....i gain it from the past experince till now getting all these ...... i hope tat i wont mess up with all these ...... even ~~ i keep on thinking of the road i taking now .....i'll never turn back for what i've done ......jus remember something importand point ....and move forward ...... cause "无法真正知道自己要的是什么,抱着“走一步算一步”的心态,这样的个性,是无法成为一个有魅力的人的。人生总会遇到许多十字路口,又是彷徨,有时无措,但我们都要能提起勇气,选择一条属于自己的路。我们都在影响着别人,也同时被他人影响着,端看是什么样的影响。是好事坏,不能忘了原本的自己, 究竟是为了什么要改变。答案也只有自己知道。" so ~~ as the road are choose by my own i must know what im doing for evry step on the road ....... mistake a lesson of leraning ......experince it ..... =)

aihhh say so much of nonsense XD ~~~ but its really good to me ^^ ~~ there hv much more things i still need to learn ....specially i striking for my dream =) understand edi and aim nicely ~~ and shoot on the target ...... sometimes ~~~ fortune also believe in 10% of fortune and 90% of my own =) as all of these i gain .... time for me to use it properly ......

k le hv to stop ~_~ duno what to said on .....but jus ~~~ i tell myself ~~ i've find my way ~~ i'll go through of it !!! no matter how ....i must =) CHEER UP CHEER UP !! and never giv up =D