Friday, December 15, 2006

Full Day At Home =)

Today wake up early in the morning ~~ and yet ~~ actually today hv class ......and feel like not going le then continue sleep XD ~~~ after tat 12.30 wake up ~~ then went to brush up myself ......then take my breakfast + lunch haha ....consider lunch le .... ~~ after gettting of it ~~ spend edi 1 hours watching TV ler =.= watch the past drama in channel 34 " journey to the west " bla bla then watch edi 3 oclock went up stairs ~~ suddenly feel like wan to read books @@? lolx ~~ after tat .....took out the books which i bought when i was in form 4 haha its a about future ambition ~___~ since nth to read then read through tat book le ......haha hv been with me for few years edi tat book ~~ but i jus read cauple of pages only =S ~~ so read through the book le....but then when i look inisde the books -___- then feel sleepy le ....keke ~~ then of course i take a short nap lor =S till 5pm wake up XD haha then jus started to read the books ~~ really get alot of thing inside ~~ the book really nice to read =S ~~ keke since i found tat lof of things inside were meaningful ~~ so plan tat when i hv free time or when i hv the MOOD to read again jus read XD so i put a bookmark there haha ~~ but duno when i jus will read it again lolx ~~ after tat go friendster ~~ omg ~~ found tat @@ lot of testi @@ hvt reply -____- then i reply those testi le =.= if not will getting more and more lor =.= after tat .....till half way went down for my dinner =S ~~~ when the time hving dinner ~~ my mummy and grandpa back from Night Market ....and bought some junk food ~~~ after i ate those junky food ~~ then my mom also bought some CD there le those drama ~~ and found tat she buy a new drama tat hong kong 1 ~~ woo hoo then spend my time enjoy there le ~~ first of all we thought jus watch for fun lor =.= but the drama really intresting to watch on @@ so then watch watch watch until those ASTRO drama also skip haha what are we watching is "肥天喜事 " really intresting le then watch until 12.30 ler ~~ all of them gone up for sleep ....but i continue on it to watch for it until the first CD finish XD ~~ till epi 10 woohoo ...... then now jus come up and gonna sleep and now wrinting blog here le =)

But what i wan to mention is ~~ hermm actually today quite Lazy la ~~ assignment hvt finish ~~ somemore watch Drama until so late le ...actually tomorrow still wan to go coll to show my work to my lecturer see ~_~ but i hvt finish haha ~~ nvm la dun care about it =) ~~ jus sleep tightly today haha also ok what ~_~ for me not really waste time lor..... actually Drama really can learn something inside =) jus depends what u watch lor =.= ~~ somes are really good somes are really lame ~___~ " but found tat the drama i watch not bad what ..... at least i really get something from drama ..... i dont like to watch those drama like ermmm these day really popular 1 leh ~~ " 薇笑 Pasta " ermm those idol 1 le ....not really like to watch ~~ but somes story are really good ....but those drama canot learn anything lor ...most of it = love story =S ~~ keke duno ler ~~ jus .....think tat ~~ for a day i spend on .......i dun really hope tat i learn nth least i learn for a little bit thing for a day ~~~ tat's enough for me =) dont really wan to waste my time =) tis is what im think now =) so learn evrything is good =) keke ok le ~~ sleep now ~~ nite nite 3.30am =) nite =D

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emm.. bookmarked thoughts :)