Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Day Has Come ...

Its been so many years i sticked my favourite " FINAL FANTASY " posters in my room... and now finally i've decided to take down all of it ... cause my life is no longer in Virtual anymore ... few years before i've been putting myself in Online Game for so many years ago .... played from day till night ... a fully " OTAKU lifestyle " been finally away from it =) ... I am back to reality now =) eveything i did and do for now ... no longer is a REALITY to me =) ... so is time to say good bye to the world of FANTASY =) although i know fantasy so much better than reality ... but still i should face the real world =D ... Bye Fantasy =).

Here I Come The Reality !!!



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm a " Barista " NOW !!! =D

For so many days i've been waiting their call and finally, this morning, while i was watching the drama " Triumph In The Skies " in epi 7, everyone of them in the drama was getting their job to be a Pilot. Suddenly, i received a call from starbucks .... and guess what ? ...." Congratulations Mr.Ivan, u've been selected as a Barista in Starbucks !! " i was like " YEAH " i made it ... they hire me as a Barista =D for that moment i'm quite happy with it !! cause i did it for the interview !!! .... so what happen for the next is ... i'll be sending to KL next month for 2 days for a Barista Training ... i'll learn and get the knowledge of how to blend coffee , brew coffee and all =D !! so i am so exiting now !! because im the choosen one !! THX =D can't wait to go for the training next month =) while in the training .... they provide hotel for us as well for 2 nights in Time Square Hotel =D .... so well i'll try to take some photograph over there to post up here in the training ^^

Well, sort of happy today =), cause i did my first interview in my life XD ....thx for everything, thx for all my friends who used to support me behind ~ thx =).

Thx Starbucks for giving me the chance for this job =D.


Friday, March 06, 2009


Was looking for a job these day, job which relate with my dream career =) so after discussing with my friends..... i decided to choose the following cafe =). Enjoy reading =)

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3th of March
- went to Starbucks and Indulgence to looked for vancancy .

So the first place i went was Indulgence, a cafe which in a banglow, there's a rumor about this cafe too, they said this is " The Most Expansive Cafe In Ipoh ", but it doesn't really influence me for working here... still i think i can gain alot of experince here other than the others cafe restaurant. when i reached there it was around 10am in the morning, i saw a lemon yellow " Porsche " was parking there, but something im curious that there's no other car was around, i wondering was it they closed today? afer that i saw a lady out there near the etrance, for that moment i guessed she must be a staff there, so i walked nearer to the lady with a short hair and a wound scar on her chin, she shout far away from me, yelling that " Today were closed ", but i insisted myself walked infront of her greeted her with a sweet smiling, and asked her " Is there any vancancies here??" then she thought for a while and said " Yes " but our manager is not around for today maybe i can give you the form first and you fill up that and bring it tomorrow, for the moment i'm glad to heard that XD, so then i followed her and got into the cafe, the place was warm and silent with nobody else, i looked around there, it was such a gorgeous place, with a home design cafe, to be honest, i never visited to this place before, because i ever of heard of the expansive food and drinks here. After that, she gave me a piece of Application form and asked me to fill up with it and brought it for the next day, so after that... i'm leaving.

Then pass by perade, so thought of went to Starbucks asked for vacancy, so afer i parked my car, i went inside Starbucks, i saw 2 girls were there, then i asked for vacancy from them, after that an indian girl told me that our supervisor / manager was not around .... so then she passed me a paper of application to filled up with it =) ... after filled up ... she asked me something bout whether i can work on any shift or not and previous job and so, after answering her .... so then been ended up with it =). went home after and spend my day outside in infinity play a game with my friend kenny - " Left 4 dead ".

Overall for today... i thought i might be panic or something, but i didnt =) so gave myself 99/100 marks XD ....

4th of March
- Eearly in the morning .... went to indulgence again for the interview, same thing which was the lemon yellow "Porsche" was park outside on the same slot as yesterday.... i reached there at 9 oclock..... i met the lady again with short hair and scar on chin.... after that i asked her for the interview and manager, then she went into the kitchen and called the manager out for interview .... on that moment .... i was siting on the sofa in the cafe .... with a comfortable and warm feeling, looking around.... after few min sitting there, i saw the manager coming out from the kitchen .... a little stout and chubby face for the manager, so i greeted her morning and started out the interview ... she asked me about those common interview question, after that she explained to me about the salary and working hours there and telling me that this cafe business only for 4 days in a week, which means they were off during Sunday, Mon and Tues. So then she also asked bout my handphone number once again and some small talked with her, from here "felt that they will hired me" XD, still she said, will called me once they were ready. After that, i leave Indulgence =)

Then spent my afternoon time gaming with kenny again =D then night time went to watched movie " The Legend Of Chun Li " =s well that was not really a good movie for me.... not recommended anyone of you to watch it.... i was force to watch this movie, because my friend "Dann" already bought the ticket for this movie =s and before that was wondering why he bought this ticket ... i asked him .... know what he said ? reason was because the actress who role in Chun Li was " PRETTY " -____-" well ... though she's pretty but, overall i dont really know this movie was actullay an action movie or what =s totally a mess and lousy =( ... after that ends up with yum cha with them and went home.

*Actually today been hesitated which cafe i should choose if both are going to hire me =s .... for today, im still prefer the feeling on Indulgenc, mayb because of the enviroment there..... but still thinking bout it.

5th of March
- a promise to my grandpa, i hv to sent him to JPN for renewal of his Driving License .... well u never can guess that how old my grandpa ?? his actually 80 this year XD .... but still he can drive XD is that amazing ? XD yea quite so proud though his very healthy till this age =) still can cycling to pasar malam haha .... well woke up early in the morning too and brought him to JPN, while on the way to JPN ~~ i received an unknown called .... so i answered the phone, and guessed what ? it was from Starbucks ..... they called me because they would like to have second interview with me @@ .... this time the interview will faced on to another person maybe the supervisor or manager i guessed ... he told me that want to meet me this morning, but unfortunately i'm busy cause i've task on my grandpa... so i will visit them tomorrow, so then after i hang up the phone .... continue driving my grandpa to JPN.

6th of March (Today)
- woke up early in the morning again for the Starbucks interview, before i went to the interview, i checked on the internet about starbucks, cause i dont know what i am actually applied that day =s i thought that was not in vacancy though =s but yesterday been asked for second interview ? i was curious .... so then i did some research on Starbucks this morning before i went to the interview, so...from what i checked out on the internet was @_@ .... i found out that they were now in vacancies for " Barista " i wondering what is barista ... though in the application form .... i applied as a waiter / cashier passed few days ago, on that time was thinking what job im actullay applied for ? the place has no waiter, is all on self-service, only there's people on the counter for payment, that's why i wrote cashier too =s ..... untill this morning i only found out that .... the job in starbucks they not called " waiter / cashier " but a " Barista " known as a Coffee Maker @_@ so then i only realize that i was actually applpying for the job of " Barista " kind of unbelievable !!!......

So after i knew that im going to take this job as a " Barista " i was actually so damn excited with it XD .... when i reached Perade Starbucks ... i saw a malay guy who smoked outside the staircase... with uniform of Starbucks... i was wondering is that the staffs there? nevertheless, after i've parked my car.... i walked inside Starbucks and i saw another malay guy which looks familiar to me, and suddenly reminded me his my schoolmate of mine during secondary, guessed he counldn't remember me. He greeted me a warm welcome, then i told him that i came for interview ..... after that ... he called the guy outside the staircase " sha... sha .... " name of the guy, then the guy outside coming in and he asked me to sit down and wait... then he asked me whether i need a coffee or not... but i said i dont need that .... but still he gave me a cup of coffee and he told me that... interview might going long @@ i was wondering " WHAT " ? long ? how long it should be ? that time i was still blur wondering interview which took long period of time?? so then i just forget about it .... i drank my coffee there and enjoy myself as like a guess sitting there XD .... after while, a guy came out from the kithen, that guy was just now that one who smoke outside the staircase @@ oh my.... his the store master / supervisor there... and his going to interview me today @@.... so he said he will gonna asked me a few question ~~ i thought only a FEW !? but know that was more than 30 questions =_=" ... been gone through the whole interview for approximately for 1 hour !!! not just the question but everything -___- welll to be honest... this was my first ever interview as well =s .... never thought of taking so long though ... no wonder they gave me a cup of coffee =s ... actually its more like a conversation than an interview for what i felt , but well ... everything is going fine .... and i did answered them very well with a good performance today XD so i gave myself 90/100 marks =s .... 10 marks cause of didnt prepare and i miss out something .... =s .... overall it went through pretty well =D and im quite satisfy with it.... i guessed either the same to Shaki =) the store master =) .... well he did told me that .... to work as a barista here ... will be sending to KL time square for training for 2 days then only start to work .... and the work here were on shift just like job as steward ? XD .... After finish up the interview.... i did shake my hand with Shaki .... and he said will pass up my interview result to manager and maybe would have the third interview with the manager only they will decide whether they hire me as a " Barista " or not =) ...

After the interview today .... im happy with what i hv done.... yet satisfied with my performance =D ...... and now wishing to get the job in Starbuck more than Indulgence for just a Waiter XD ..... i think Barista would learn more than a waiter =) so hope that i can get the job.