Saturday, May 14, 2011


First of all... gotta says Thank You to the Set Crew AK52/53 ~ 9MAHR flight to MACAU... It's my so called "Virgin Flight" as well as a GREAT FLIGHT !!
Thanks Captain " Fabio " a Great + Humorous Italian captain~ been given the chance for me to be seated on the Jump Seat in the cockpit for take off for my first day as an operate crew, it was really Amazing !! thx co-pilot Sharizad as well ^^ I really enjoyed Seeing the clouds floating in front of my eyes... it's totally different feeling as you sit at the cabin xD while I'm sitting there observing around all the buttons, nevigators... suddenly something came out on my mind " My Dream Is Finally Come True " for that moment I've got the the feeling that I'd tears out haha ... but i do controlled myself tho haha!!... cause I'm on duty xD ...

The Second person that i gotta say thanks to will be my Senior Flight Attendant (SFA) named " Sabrina " She's really a good SFA that teach me a lot of things throughout the flight, but in the mean time I feel really sorry too because i didn't come on time during briefing .... and turned up such a bad " FIRST IMPRESSION " for the other set crews ... Nevertheless... still manage to catch up in the briefing.... what i gonna describe about my SFA is ... she was fierce that's her first impression to me... but after i Fly with her it's totally a NONO xD ... that's why always remind myself don't judge the book outside it's cover haha.... she teach me a lot of things seriously... Thanks her so much ... even I've been assigend to read on announcement although a bit error there even a passenger laughed at me...who just stood in front of the lavatory heard that I've a minor mistake on the announcement, but for her understanding, she cheers me up by saying I did a " GOOD ANNOUNCEMENT " hahaha !!

During the transit we faced some OBSTACLE on board, ONE of the passenger not co-operate with us... but after the great Team-Work for this set of crews... it finally settled down for this incident and I'm lucky enough for this great experience as It's my first flight... It was real fun to work with this set crews, really grateful to have you guys as my first SNY, I'll never forget about you guys which have been through on my first flight ^^...

In the end Thanks " Nicholas Chai as P2 which teach me most of the P2 position things also some others "XTRA" thing ;) , Fionne Koo Thanks for keep remind me and tips for me & Jesi thanks for teach me on P3 calculating, submit money
also how to prepare the Ice and packed it =) " you guys indeed teach me A LOT of things ...I'll apply it and use it for my coming flight highly appreciate that !! *bow *bow ^^ hope to fly with you guys again in the future. =) TQ SO SO MUCH ^.<" love you guys ;)