Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Learn Something...

Today is what a boring day it is ....since today is holiday so in the morning i went out with my grandparents and thought that i can buy a bag by going out with them ...but unfortunately i cant found any bag tat i wan i didnt bought any thing....after tat when i reached home at 2 oclock .... tat time i was really really tired edi -_- then suddenly my mom rang me up and said something wrong with the letter which is need it for apply for the EPF... i miss the True Copy certification marks on the paper my asked me go college for the mark and passed it to the goverment EPF department there... on tat time i really tired...but somehow i must do tat ~~ cause its necessary then i asked my grandpa fetch me there and get the mark then pass it to EPF there ....tis is my first time to do something tat formal....go EPF department i mean =.=" never went there b4 by myself -_-"
After tat i listen to the radio when i was on the way back to home....then i heard a speaker with the name " leon " i think -_- not so sure ...but he is a vry vry professional in Advertise , he is a vry succeed person , then the DJ was asking him to giv some advice and share some of his life experince for the newbie who wan to join in advertising....from his experience i gain alot , especially he said tat " IF A PERSON WAN TO CHANGE THE FATE OF HIM/HER SELF , IT MUST START WITH THE ATTITUDE " cause only the attitude will jus affect a person fate, so after i heard tat , it's true tat ATTITUDE is the most basic we gonna to improve .
In the evening, after my dinner i went up and read 1 of my friend's BLOG and it's about a Indian worker from other country.... inside the blog , i found tat my friend's english was vry GREAT ! and the blog is about the indian worker from bangladesh come to her house to fix the lamp which was broken down the blog she said that the worker came alone to M'sia to worked for 16 years.... after 2 - 3 years jus go back to visit his family and even his lovely child for for 2 - 3 years he work in M'sia , he cant even know what was his child did and sometimes even duno his child can growth healty and happy there....all these he said he jus can imagine for it long he had worked in M'sia for what he want is jus a better life for his family , now he had all the things he want in his hometown...even a big its kinda proud of him ....cause he had been in M'sia for 16 years......its not easy for a person which dun hv a citizenship to alive in M'sia for 16 years u know ???? once get caught will JAIL and their family will be vry pity and it will be a bad conclusion !!but because of that friend's family didnt look down on the Indian worker and gave him extra money too !! for 2 lamp had been fix = RM4 but her parents added extra RM10 for him cause hope tat he can hv a better life in the future. tat's what i get touch by it ..... if " HE " is u ?.....will u dare to run to M'sia to work?.... . tat's y i really sympathize with them .....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


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For girls which is older or same age with the boy will always think tat boys are CHILDISH ??? =.="

I dun understand y girls in nowadays always think tat boys are Childish ? is it true tat all the girl are mature than a boy while they are on the same age ? evrytime i ask my friend how u treat me like ? then she may answer tat " U " ? ure my little bro -_- ~~ jus like tat .....tat's y im nervous with tis problem .... is tat true tat i really a childish boy ? or they dun really treat me as a MAN .....its kinda hurt when i ask my friend about tis question ....i've been friend with them for such a long time ......for friendship within 3 years ...they told me tat i never change seems like the same like b4 ~~ VRY CHILDISH ......but actually ...for the comment they gave me last time .... i keep on changing with myself .... but finally ....i also in the same stage which they told me last time never change ....WHY ? ....tis mean tat i really CHILDISH forever ? ..... they will always give comment for those who hv a great changes? ...but im not ? i've been with them for around 3 years .....but evrytime i heard tat xxxx become handsome edi mature edi ~~ or xxx vry kind .....evrytime the person who get praise will not be include me ...... they will jus praise others but i'll be except for all the times......WHY ?.......tis problem kept in my heart for so long edi .....its kinda sad tat's i always a child in their mind ....even i've change but they seems like assume tat i didnt change at all it the way i change is wrong ? .........its kinda hurt when i get the answer from them ....i keep on asking myself is it their observation bad or i really didnt upgrade at all ....but watever it is ....for what they comment me ....i'll try on my best to change .... 1 day ...i must show them i've change ... sometimes i remind the things i did b4 .....i really treat them as good as i am.... i really enough of gentle for them edi .....but y i still remain the same standard for what they think about me .... i dun wan be a child for them for the whole life .....